Monday, May 21, 2012

styleNorth Garage Sale

On Saturday, I met up with Janice and we went to the styleNorth Garage Sale...

The original plan was: I take the baby to the sale, and my husband takes my older son to an estate sale near our house...divide and conquer.  Yah right, that didn't happen!  My three year old flipped his lid when he realized I was about to leave with the baby.*  So we all piled into the SUV and made it a family outing.

I bought an orange jug, which I will use to water my outdoor plants**...and a little covered dish.  I was tempted by a bentwood stool, and pillow, and some vintage canisters...I kept my cool though, since we are holding our garage sale in two weeks.  I need to be clearing stuff out, not bringing more in!

*He did it again today as I was leaving for a he came with me!
**Taken last night, a jumble of new plants to be be potted this week...some spices, strawberries, tomatoes...also the sky planters  (Are you sick of the plants? I can NOT get enough plants...and books...yes...more plants and books please!)

Look! This is me (circled below)!  Not the man in the bike helmet...the woman turned away from the camera with hair pinned up and cut outs on the back of her otherwise drab tee! (Appropriately named slubby scoopneck)


  1. If you were the bike helmet guy I'd consider giving you some fashion advice!

    I read Style North too - living vicariously through all of you...and missing Toronto even MORE now that it's warm out.

  2. Oh how I love that orange pitcher! So cute.
    And I love your honesty about having your own Garage sale in a few weeks. I'd be doing the same thing - bringing things in right up to the day of the sale ;) LOL.