Monday, May 21, 2012

Sky Planters III

Mission complete!

I was going to hang the Sky Planters with some wire and clamps, but the wire was too thick to cut with our we gave up and I used heavy duty jute twine instead.

parsley, mint and a geranium.

I used to have a gnarly geranium in my university residence (Innis, UofT) and it traveled with me to my little box in the sky at yonge and bloor, and then up to yonge and lawrence.  I am not sure if it died, or if I just got sick of transporting it.

I have to pay credit to A Future Present.  It wasn't until I saw the sky planters in their kitchen that I knew they would work in mine.


  1. They look great! They still boggle my mind, but I really like them.

  2. These are SO cool!! I think my kitchen needs some of these too...

  3. So cool! Do you find they spill dirt/water at all?

  4. This idea is really awesome....and the soil doesnt spill out?

  5. There is a tiny bit of debris...but the counter is empty usually (or full of toys...which get pick up every evening)

    A bit of dirt sprinkles out when might actually come from the leaves, that were a bit messy after the transplant

    i have over watered the small ones a few times, holding a bucket under while i pour. i wanted to make sure the soil was drenched through...otherwise, water does not escape!