Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sky Planters

I am getting ready to hang the sky planters in the kitchen.  As soon as the baby passed out in bed beside me, I wiggled away and got to work.  I gave my older son the iphone to occupy him (awful? or practical?  This is one job he couldn't help with)

Today I made holes in the ceiling.  I hit two studs (one on purpose, the other was luck).  I need longer hooks to bite into the stud, so I am now at a standstill.  Using the hardware and anchor provided, I hung the smallest planter up.   I bought wire and clamps to lower the planters so they aren't stuck to the ceiling.

Now I need to buy plants.  I have identified what I want...Geranium, Parsley and ...ummm...Ok, I know 2 of 3.

Before I had children I could have completed this task in one day.  Now, I figure I can have them up and before June, maybe.

(behind the scenes)

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