Wednesday, May 16, 2012



This morning*, I bought rosemary to marinate some chicken, instead of putting it in the crisper, I put it on my windowsill...just like cup of jo!

*Ordered this week's groceries from grocery gateway, using a $10 off coupon (they send coupons from time-to-time to keep you coming back!  Guess what - it works!).

ps. past time to clean the window...two houses are being renovated on the street, the dirt & dust is everywhere!  Our 
pauvre black vehicle...

update: the reason you dont do this, is that the herbs droop after one day!


  1. Love the blown out photos with the green rosemary.

  2. rosemary...we are growing some but I think my husband wants a rosemary BUSH. will let you know how that goes. currently, it's a sprig.

  3. I had rosemary on the brain too yesterday and did the exact same thing (without even seeing your post or Cup of Jo's). It smells glorious! A friend came over and used it to cook pork chops for convenient to have fresh herbs around.