Saturday, May 5, 2012

Traveling to Florida with baby and preschooler

Last Friday, we took our two sons to's how that went down...

We took a 6:30am flight from Toronto to Orlando, Florida.  It was a nine hour trip door-to-door, with only 2hrs 10 mins in the air.  We woke up at 2:30am (town car arrived at the house at 3am, my husband installed the car seats while I woke the kids). We arrived at the condo in Florida around noon (Reunion Resort)

I think we could have shortened the trip if we split up at the Orlando airport. Next time, one of us will wait in line for the car rental (we got an SUV from Budget), while the other waits for the bags.  Both wait times were extremely long.

Also, we didn't realize that airport security at YYZ opens at that ridiculously long line up/wait is unavoidable.  Last year we arrived at the airport an hour later, and we were caught up in the security line. Since standing in line is NOT what you want to do with small children, we thought we'd head out earlier and beat the rush.  This time, we stood near the front of a non moving security line for over 30 minutes. Lose-lose situation, either way you have to wait.  Next time we sleep longer.

The trip was only 7 hours on the way home.  Much improved, but still long!

We brought an infant car seat, snap n go, second car seat, umbrella stroller, one suitcase*, two small carry ons(one packed full of snacks) and camera bag.  We brought the car seats since we were going to be driving everywhere when we got to Florida. Canjet did not charge us any additional fees for the bulky baby equipment, and renting everything could add up quickly.

The boys were excellent during the entire vacation.  They travel like seasoned pros (um, not that I know what seasoned pros travel like...unless seasoned pros poop on the plane, because both boys did that)...

Next trip? London & Edinburgh?   That's the plan...we need to pick some dates and find a couple vacation rentals...I'm pumped!

* I updated my last post on packing with what I forgot to bring, what I brought too much of...basically what I would do differently next time...

1. Disney Buses ...we bought him the toy buses last year, so it was like his toy came to life! (Yes, a hole in the knee of his old navy track pants)
2. New maxi dress from JCrew Outlet (Messy, messy! I picked up everything 3.6 seconds after the photo was taken - honest!)
3. Watching the Disney light Parade
4. Fireworks...I cried! It was magical! 
5. So much little time! I bought amazing yellow denim capris from 7
6. Very kid friendly pool! No one got burnt!
7. Back in Toronto, waiting around for bags
8. Finally home! This is all we had with us (plus another stroller car seat)! Most of it is kiddie equipment


  1. Giulia@fishlynews.comMay 5, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    Welcome back! You look great in that dress and I can't believe that' s all you packed!

  2. The more we travel, the less we pack!
    I would wear the same clothing for a week straight if it meant it was easier to get around and really enjoy ourselves!

    We are going with 2 umbrella strollers, 2 travel backpacks, 2 carry ons and a camera bag when we go overseas...each of us pushes a child and carries a load on our backs! How simple!!

  3. My three year old ran alongside us in the Toronto airport, but it's nice to have a stroller for him when he is tired!!

  4. Well done,it looks like you all had a great time.
    Travelling so many hours with two babys ,i admire you for that .
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. wow that definitely looks light - how long were you there for? isn't it sooo strange how the magic spell that disney casts overcomes you!?

  6. Ooooh fun! We leave for FLA on Friday, but we are spending one night in Phoenix before heading to Orlando. We'll see how the whole flight goes this time, as it'll be a tad longer. Hopefully all goes well!

  7. I would highly recommend getting Nexus for your family so you can bypass security. It works domestically and for the US and is only $50 for 5 years...steal of a deal! Like Goodwill on crack!

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