Saturday, June 16, 2012

80 Truck photos on the wall

We added 32 new truck photos to my son's wall. My son placed all of the photos himself!   When it came to lining them up in a grid, he was a mini perfectionist - already!

Over the last three years I've learned a ton about our camera and composing a photo. I am satisfied with my photos most of the time. The frustration I felt when I was learning has subsided. All I photograph is my house and kids, so I still have quite a bit of room for growth...

Now I need to learn how to process and develop photos.  I have only the faintest idea of what is wrong, and how to correct it.  I just know I don't like what I see.  However, developing prints is a more expensive hobby than taking photos.  Plus, I am not sure I've learned anything printing 80 photos.  Time to hit the books (or the nets)

Anyways, here is the cost breakdown for this little fun!
- 4x6 photos developed at Black's Photography.  About $20
- using double sided poster tape from Staples.  Two rolls, About $7 each   (I only used the new roll of tape for two photos, so I might have squeezed them out of one roll)


  1. Looks cool Shannon! Have you thought about making a Blurb book out of all the photos?
    While I haven't learned much about photography (besides the new iPhone apps I've been playing around with) I have learned quite a bit about trucks thanks to my nephews. Seriously. It's amazing how much they love them! Does your son just adore this wall or what?

  2. oh he loves the wall...when we are out and we see a truck he wants me to take a picture for his room

    actually, he asked for a book with the photos...should be easy enough to do, no?

    i can send you the photos if you want to print some for your nephews?

  3. Amazing! You have a designer in the making!

  4. When you say "correct", do you mean Photoshop? Nicole's Classes has a great online one month long photoshop 101 class. I took it a few months ago and it was a great intro.

    Still learning over her - and some new columns coming up to document that fact, for better or for worse!

  5. oh my lord my son would be in heaven!

  6. Love this Shannon! Any little dude would be lucky to have such a sweet and talented Mom like you ;)

  7. Your son did this! He is for sure a perfectionist!

    I'm trying to learn more about photography too..sometimes my photos when im taking it indoor turns out to be too yellow. Is it b/c its lacking natural lighting? How do you get your photos to be so bright w/out the yellow hue to it?

  8. interior lights cause the photo to look yellow.

    there is a white balance setting on dslrs you can adjust to take a photo inside, with the lights on...

    or you can adjust the white balance in photoshop afterwards

    these images were taken with only daylight! so no adjustment was required...

    hope that helps!!!

  9. Ya, ive been playing more and more with my camera just trying to get the hang of it. Natural light for photography is the best solution for me at the moment!

    Thanks for the tips :)

  10. I have been using Lightroom and really digging it! We have a Lightroom book that i should flip through...

    The father's day photo of my boys that I printed was decent!