Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Audio Rack

As in, 'Do-It-For-Us'

We finally paid someone to help us make a new audio rack for the basement. This design was not my first, or even fiftieth choice...but it is much nicer than most of the options presented (called a 'flexi-rack').  Apparently, incredibly ugly stereo racks have a function...they control vibrations and help make the sound pure* (I am totally making this up because I only half listened when it was explained). Decent looking audio racks are RIDICULOUSLY in over $5,000.  The problem, I think, - now, this is my own biased that stereo geeks think audio racks ARE know? "Nothing to improve upon here!" "Why mess with a good thing?!!" 

Anyways, definitely an upgrade...and definitely nicer than I thought when my husband first described it to me!

We had Kerry, from First Time Fancy's dad, cut out the MDF shelves, drill three holes in each, and paint the shelves glossy black.  We sourced the metal rods, washers, nuts, end caps, feet and rubber washers ourselves, and we assembled it with my three-year-old's help. (My son styled it up too!)

Cost breakdown, approximately $540
$240 for mdf and labor
$100 for painting (labor)
$200 for parts

Here is a before shot...I will show you the after when he has put everything in place!

*This is important to you if you are an audio nerd ...and my husband is the king of audio nerds.  

ps. I should link to my  husband's inevitable post on some audio forum or another...or even better...get him to guest post when he has his system set up! Maybe we can call learn a thing or two!!! 
pss...remember this sketch?  This almost started an all-out-war (not really, but it was sparky!)


  1. Ha,ha,ha...this makes me laugh so much because I'm in the same boat. If it were up to my audiophile husband we'd have our living room full of stuff. Thank goodness our living room is actually quite small so he doesn't have the full set up. He did just get some wall mounted speakers next to the TV (after that was the only somewhat acceptable option for me) and he did add the subwover (sp?) now to the whole set we have a few more items in our media unit, but thankfully ours fits everything and I can close the doors if I don't want to look at it.
    When I first met him most of his disposable income was spent on audio equipment and he would dive as far as TO to get some special thing. Over the years he's been selling things, but we still have 4 sets of speakers in the basement! and he would love a full audio set up once we finish our basement. Sighhh.

  2. definitely better and I really appreciate the stylish accessories. I kind of dig (punny!) the industrial vibe too. Looks great with the floor!

  3. Crazee, right?

    I had NO IDEA all this was in least when you do your basement you can have built-ins...or a small closet or something...

    We finished the basement and these components started to mate...and have little babies...and big babies...

    And the computers...don't get me started.

    I don't mind it all so much if it is clean...but somehow there is always a computer being built, or new equipment getting swapped or boxes of cables, or whatevers cluttering up the living space...lots and lots of whatevers

    ps. I have NO IDEA how to play a CD in this house....and I don't know how to use the projector (I used to, but by the time I tried to do it myself, I was out of date!)

  4. Heather @ InteriorGroupieJuly 23, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    1. this post is FUN-NY.
    2. It looks WAY better. this is what I consider a BIG win for your side (right, no sides. riiiiight.)

  5. I've got our universal remote figured out and know how to got between TV, apple TV, PS3, play a DVD/CD, buy a movie or TV show, stream from computer (I know it sounds crazy!!!), but once in a while something goes wrong, either the itunes were not on, or the remote out of battery (I have no idea to do this with the other remotes) and then I looooose it. Kids then say - daddy come fix the TV, you broke it ;)
    And don't even get me started on the different ways we can listen to music in our playroom - simple speaker vs overhead speakers...ahhhh!

  6. This is AMAZING! We love that industrial look that its got. We totally rather make something like this for ourselves than spend $5g...thats just a little too much! But you guys did a phenomenal job! Kudos!

  7. Yes! Yes! I get so ragey when I can't figure it out. Soon my son will be able to turn it all on for me! (or for himself! I gave up trying to watch TV...who are we kidding! It is not possible with little ones!)

  8. Looks good!!! Of course I was hearing about it from my source (haha), so it's nice to finally see it! :) Love your little guys styling skills as well!