Thursday, July 19, 2012

Four weeks without sugar (or dairy, or white bread)

- I don't feel deprived - at all!

- The scale read 131lbs* this morning!  (129lbs yesterday morning, but whatever)...more importantly my clothing is getting looser, and my love handles are melting.

- I have to make an effort to eat. Before, I was always hungry.  Perhaps my appetite is changing as the baby eats more solids?  At any rate, I don't need to stuff my face, and when I am hungry, there is something delicious and healthy to satisfy me.

- My skin is clear. Sure, I got a facial, and I started exfoliating again.  Diet can't take all of the credit...but the little sweat bumps that broke out on my forehead have been tamed.

- I eat a lot of fat.  Olive oil in particular is a much larger part of our diet.  Simple oil & vinegar salad dressing; oil, lemon, and rosemary chicken marninade; grilled veggies lightly tossed in oil...I am making an effort to use Pam spray when cooking.

- I have more energy. I still wake up tired from disturbed nights.  However, I have the power to get through my day without feeling that I need a nap.  I am more alert. 

- I have more patience.  This is key!  This is what I was after.  Patience is often missing from my life, and when I get even a little, good things happen. 

I will keep going, at least to the end of summer, because it is easy.  For me, it is much easier than trying to eat 'everything in moderation'.  Whomever thought up that bit of logic never encountered my taste buds. If I have a little - I want A LOT!  If I have none, I don't even miss it. 
ps. The fridge is rarely this full...

*down from 140lbs four weeks ago...


  1. LifebeginsatthirtyrightJuly 19, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Great job S!! You are looking great and most importantly it sounds like you are feeling great!

  2. FabulousDesignFileJuly 19, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    I know exactly what you mean... I'm totally 'all or nothing'. It's way easier to have ZERO dairy in my house, than to try eat 'just a little' cheese... yeah, not going to happen!

  3. Good for you! I wish I had your will power! I am not particular fond of sugar, but I have to have my bread for my insanity.

  4. That's great! What about alcohol? Coffee?

  5. killer! so proud of you! i can't seem to do this....thinking of going on juice cleanse next week...feeling so disasppointed in myself!

  6. Nataliya @ styleINGwCHildrenJuly 19, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    wow awesome results!

    I've hit a plateau with my weight loss where regular things no longer work. So I've given up alcohol (ok, I"m trying!) It works like magic, though.

  7. My first week isn't going so well. I cheated a little every day. I'll try again next week.

  8. I need to try this. I know I need to lower my sugar intake (the gummie bears are always around) and I totally identify with being an all or nothing. Moderation just doesn't work for me! Awesome to hear your progress!

  9. This is great! I lack patience and even if based on the scale I lost all the 66 pounds of pregnancy N2, I still have the baby belly :( your diet intrigues me...may be I should do it...can I survive?...

  10. 8 days of no sugar at this end but still dairy and wheat. I have probiotic yoghurt each morning with fresh fruit. And some milk in my coffee.

    Even though I am still eating wheat, I am eating MORE fruits and vegetables. It's a good time of year to do it - so much wonderful produce.

    And without the sugar I have more energy and more consistent energy - I hadn't realised what a peak/valley the sugar was causing.

    Sugar is easy for me to cut out because we don't eat a lot of processed foods. Therefore, it's only no ice cream (rarely have it in the house), cakes or cookies. And no candy of course but that's not often around.

    I crave chocolate though and I am amazed that I have stayed away from it so far!

  11. You rock Shannon. I've been checking regularly for an update on you your 'no sugar' situation. I see now you've been waiting for the 4 week anniversary. I read your initial post at the end of june and thought, hey what the heck...I've been feeling crappy and sluggish and i know I've been eating too much sugar, I'm going to give this a try. It's day 19 for me. Thank you so much for your inspiration. The only sugar I haven't cut out is alcohol, and even in the depth of summer I don't really drink that much. Plus I don't want to feel deprived of that joy. I don't go on the scale (don't want to face the numbers yet) but my clothes are looser, my mood is steadier and I feel all around better. I didn't realize you you cut out dairy and white flour too. My next step, for the month of august, is white flour. If I keep feeling this good, the small sacrifices are totally worth it.

    Your quote a few weeks back about 'shoving the last butter tart' in your mouth made me laugh and cringe with total understanding. Thanks for being an inspiration. btw, you look fabulous in your clothing posts. Here's to reclaiming yourself!

  12. Heather @ InteriorGroupieJuly 20, 2012 at 12:05 AM

    Amazing - great job! So fantastic that you found something that works for you and is easy. Also, I love seeing someone else with a fridge as fully as mine :)

  13. Oh my goodness, good for YOU!!!! You are so motivating, this is just what I need to hear right now (still eating loads of sugar, feeling worse than ever).

    By the way, just curious, are you on Instagram?

  14. It was so good to see you yesterday!!! Yah - I am feeling good! I can't believe how different my moods are from where I started to now!

  15. Yup! no cheese in the house (my husband and son aren't really into when I stopped buying it, no one noticed)

  16. I could live on toast and cereal...legit...nothing else but toast and cereal...

  17. I liked 'insanity' better ;)

  18. FabulousDesignFileJuly 20, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    Exactly... my kids don't even like the smell of cheese any more!

  19. I haven't had much alcohol (a sip or two) or coffee for almost four years...I have been pregnant or nursing for FOUR YEARS! I never drank much alcohol before that, because I worked out like a demon...and you can't really do both. Coffee, however, was my thing.

    I have tried drinking coffee when the baby was 6 months and the little one was antsy, so I backed off again. I will try again on our trip to Europe.

    If we cook with alcohol, I don't turn the food I said, I am not a crazy purest...however, most of what we eat is pretty close to its natural know?

  20. You just have to do it!

    Ok - this is harsh, but this is what was going through my mind before I started on this path:

    I was thinking about the scale of human suffering...

    I was thinking about the lack of food that our ancestors, or people in different societies deal with...then I asked myself what they would think of my 'troubles'?

    It's a luxury to be surrounded by so much tempting food...

    ...and it hit me that I am fortunate that I decide what to put into my mouth...and how I can't call it 'suffering' when a sugar craving hits...honestly, what's a little sugar craving? Have I ever gone hungry? No!

    Ok...I don't know if that was a sparky thing to say on the internet. Obviously I am aware how incredibly sheltered and lucky I am (in an ignorant type of way, since I am only familiar with a lifestyle of plenty)...and I know it is arrogant to compare my privileged life with people less fortunate...but I did (so there)...and it helped me see that I have the power to change what I don't like about my diet (or my daily routine, or any minor annoyances)...and in my mind, sweets are now an indulgence, not a requirement.

    ok, I am bracing myself for away, I will probably deserve it!

  21. yah, alcohol is a bunch of need a calorie deficit to burn from your fat stores...

  22. I have been known to steal my colleagues' entire bulk barn bag of I hear you

  23. It's pretty easy!
    I want to burn off the fat around my mid section
    but I started this to regulate my moods...and that worked!

    It is crazy how quickly you feel great when you ditch the least that was my experience!!!

  25. 19 days is amazing!!!


    you will be amazed what you can do! i don't miss those butter tarts at all...not when it cost me body image troubles, and mood swings, and dare I say it, raising my voice at my kiddies!

  26. we are sooo stocked!
    or were...
    nom nom nom

  27. no instagram...tried it for a few days (also tried twitter once)...but it is not my cup of tea!

  28. It's funny to read this because I just ate a burrito for lunch that was the size of my head and when I unwrapped it and looked at it, I thought, "in some places, this would feed a family of four." Maybe that's an exaggeration but I guess what I meant was - when did this become an acceptable portion size? I have gained a ton of weight this year and I am totally hooked on sugar. I did South Beach diet once and while it's very restrictive, it gets you off the sugar in about 2 weeks. (On South Beach you couldn't even have fruit and I found that too difficult which is why I wouldn't do that again) but no sugar? I'm thinking about it. I eat and drink stuff that I never would have had a few years ago. I also don't want to resort to artificial sweeteners because they are just fake sugar.
    Mostly what I want is to feel good, have more energy and feel clean.
    Maybe no sugar is the way to start.
    Food for thought, my friend! :)

  29. I felt better the next day!

    Another HUGE step that people can take is to cut out all processed foods - boxed cookies, chips, etc. Tons of sugar in those.

  30. Yah, I think I am out of the box!

    I have to make my own pasta sauce! That is something I get from cans. Canned tomatoes, canned beans...I can work on that next!

  31. my mom recently did somethings like this and she feels the same way you do! she used the book 'the 17 day diet' as a guide. YOU GO GIRL!

  32. Congratulations!!! Sounds like you are feeling great and that honestly is the most important. I totally need some serious dieting advice from you.....its so hard to not eat white bread and diary...that is like my life right there! What do you replace these items with?