Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A recipe to impress

I was contacted by Alex at Matchstick who asked if we were interested in a program called Courvoisier Collective.  We would cook something with Courvoisier Cognac and share the recipe on 8FOOTSIX*  We were in!!!  Tonight I cooked up Cognac Infused- Herb Garlic Chicken.

The best tasting meal ever! Juicy, rich, a wonderful blend of flavours. I ate TWO whole chicken breasts! TWO!

If you are looking for something to cook for guests...and you want it to be special (but easy)...then this is your recipe.  You get to set the dish on fire! Twice! That would impress me if I was your guest! (Hey - I am easily impressed!).  However - let me warn you... as soon as you pour the cognac in the pan - BOOM!!  I didn't expect it to go off immediately (I thought I had to light a match or something) and I spilled at least a quarter cup of cognac all over the floor when I dropped the measuring cup and squealed! Not so impressive! 

If you aren't planning to have people in, that's fine too! This recipe was easy enough to make on a Tuesday night.  Butter = Delicious.

Thank you to Matchstick and Courvoisier Collective for sending us some cognac, a spoon, and a glass.  My tummy thanks you too!

ps. My husband says butter is dairy. Therefore I guess violated the whole no dairy thing. 
pps. (Meat photos never look as good as the food actually tastes, no?)

*Submit a Courvoisier inspired recipe to http://www.courvoisiercollective.com/ and you could win a trip to Toronto and $1,000 cash!


  1. ohhhh yum! I may have to try this!

  2. This looks fantastic! Great job Shannon!

  3. Whaaat! A cooking with fire photo!? That's amazing. I am impressed and I didn't even get invited :)

  4. Well, it was just the two of us and the kids...