Thursday, September 6, 2012

Round Tower and Norrebro Flea Markets

In addition to thrift stores, we visited two flea markets in Copenhagen. The first was located outside the Round Tower, near the apartment we rented. I didn't buy a thing.  I did, however, eat TWO hotdogs from the Hanegal hot dog stand*

I wanted the arabia apple jam jar (to go with the plum one I recently found at Salvation Army).  Did you spot it in the third photo?  I passed it by....I know I can always buy it on etsy or ebay.  I guess I have become stingy when it comes to vintage shopping.  I don't want to pay a markup. I already have enough stuff, so it's more about the deal...

We didn't take photos of the second flea market.  It was on Saturday morning along the yellow wall of the cemetery (in Norrebro).  This market was much less formal, and quite a bit cheaper...down right JANKY.  My kind of market!!!!...I pulled out my change purse here!!

*I quit my diet while I was on vacation, and I am having a tough time getting back on track. While we were away, I didn't want to spend any time thinking about what ingredients I could or couldn't have.  I am going NO SUGAR NO DAIRY STARTING RIGHT NOW...all over again.  

It's not that I immediately felt different allowing sweets and cheese back into my life...ummm, except I definitely end the day with a balloon belly. The main reason I need to go cold turkey is to keep the cravings under control. I am having a hard time eating anything in moderation.  I lack the discipline to fight the cravings, so I want to make them go away.


  1. What a great trip! Flea markets in Copenhagen sound like my idea of heaven. I can see so many things in your pictures that I would love to buy.

  2. Wait until you hear about this:

  3. This does look amazing! Thanks for the link. As soon as I read her bio, I knew I had to start following.

  4. These photos are awesome Shannon! You're a really great photographer.

  5. This makes the Paris flea markets look bad. What amazing things for sale!