Monday, October 29, 2012

More Fruits and Veggies

I bought this green and black basket from Salvation Army last May.  Today, I finally realized how I could use it -  to hold fruit and potatoes! The ikea bowl I had been using was a bit too small, the bananas and apples tended to overflow onto the countertop. This basket is the perfect size!

Do you see the prickly pear, hiding behind the persimmon in the top photo? I've never tasted one before. I bought two today - and I feel like a thrill seeker!  

Before I quit sugar, I would try things-in-a-box on impulse - new-to-me crackers, cookies, granola bars, cereal, yogurt, cheese, turkey bacon. Toss them in the cart and stuff myself full without thinking. (Unfortunately, almost everything in a box has sugar.)

It surprises me that, at the age of (almost) 35, there is produce at No Frills I am completely unfamiliar with. I've had the time to experiment. What excuse do I have for not trying everything that is available? I wonder, if produce was marketed the way "health food" is promoted, with flashy labels and sleek packaging, would I buy more of it??  If there were giant signs in the grocery store, sitting above the fruit, that read: '0% salt', or 'No artificial flavors or colouring', or '100% natural ingredients', would I buy more? A little ridiculous, I know! So, I will do this systematically (I do everything systematically) Until we have tried everything, each time we visit the super market, I will pick out something new! 

I will let you know if I like prickly you like them?

ps. Pot luck idea?...ask everyone to bring in a prepared off-the-grid vegetable or fruit? 

I really like them! I will buy them again...ok the seeds suck - too hard to chew, but they are edible, so I bumped the fruit around in my mouth a bit and swallowed! The taste reminds me a little of dragon fruit...same texture, but way larger/harder seeds. 


  1. It's so true, I actually have a persimmon on my counter that my mother-in-law bought when she was visiting and I have no idea how to eat it! Let us know how the prickly pear turns out... makes me think of that Mogli song about the Paw Paw...

  2. I know this isn't so exciting (and I consider myself to be a pretty enlightened / adventurous eater) but I just had parsnips for the first time I can remember! roasted with chicken - delicious!!

  3. I've never tried prickly pairs; I'm excited to hear your verdict!

    There's a fruit and veggie market about a 20-30 min walk from where I live in Beijing (moved here in August to teach for a year) and I'm discovering all kinds of new fruits and vegetables there. Some, I saw in Canada and just never tried (I get intimidated by "new" produce, is that weird?) and some, I think, are unique to China. The vendors usually will let you sample the fruit. They laugh at me when I ask how to eat it - maybe partly because I have to mime asking?

  4. My parents LOVE prickly pears. LOVE! Reminds them of growing up in Italy. :) I've never like them. Looking forward to hearing your verdict. The colour is so rich and lovely - that I know forsure.

  5. TRY EVERYTHING! I mean everything! We eat a lot of different asian fruit here, I can't even image the freshness in Beijing!

  6. We have cooked with parsnips once and a while.

    Here's the thing, even when I try new recipes, I tend to favor ones with ingredients I am familiar with!

  7. Look for the 'Bear' Necessities! The simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife!

    My husband loves persimmons...he could eat a huge box. He just cuts the top off, then peals them like an apple, then eats it...I think...I am not crazy about sons also like them...go figure

  8. DUDE!
    I tried persimmons again ...I am not sure what I was thinking...I am now officially ADDICTED!

    My husband bought a flat of 25 persimmons from TNT today...yeah!!!

  9. HAHA Ok I will give them another go (my husband ate the last one). My brother just got back from Hawaii and brought a pineapple corer and now I can't get enough pineapple slices - that was what I craved through my pregnancies too. And they are cheap at No Frills now for some reason!

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