Saturday, November 17, 2012

Date night

In the last 3.5 years, my husband and I have never ever ever left the house alone, together, after dark. 1,277 evenings have come and gone. Yes, we are home bodies, but this is extreme!*   

Our excuse? Getting the kids to sleep is really HAAARD, yo! It would be IMPOSSIBLE for a babysitter or nanny or even grandparent to put them to bed! The world would end if I wasn't here. No no, really...I am that important!!

However, the boys are now asleep by 8:00pm (8:30pm at the latest!) and most of the time they stay asleep, so nothing is stopping us from leaving them in the care of a sitter for a few hours!! 

Time to practice being adults again! 

So much to see and do! Neighborhood restaurants! Twilight vs. Skyfall! I bet he'd like to see Blue Rodeo (Feb 2)! The symphony! Cavalcade of Lights**!

Have you managed to make date night a reality? If so, where do you go? If not, what is your excuse? If you don't have kids yet - don't talk to me (ha ha - no, sorry)...are you spending your Saturday nights on the town? Or nestled in at home?  Because I have this theory that DINKS (dual income, no kids) enjoy staying in more than parents do...but, well...I am only basing it on the fact that I never used to want to go out (such a huge effort)...and now that we have to be home, I am itching to break free!

*I don't think our relationship has suffered at all! I mean, date night is still just the two of us, only in a different setting! 
 **Bummer - that was tonight!


  1. Billy and I have made this happen a bit....not too often, but we can go out at night now and then ONLY if my Mom stays home with Ben. He's not comfortable with anyone else yet, but she can put him to sleep which is a miracle because he's tough to get down too. We usually go out with friends to a pub or to a concert. Even just dinner and a movie is fun :)

  2. My question is...did you really have the energy to leave the house after 8pm? Haha...turns into boohoo... Seriously, I'm usually in my pj's by then. Glad you had fun and that the kids are going to sleep more consistently.

  3. Unless my Mom is in town and offers us a "date night" we're just like you. Day after day spent at home. And like you, we're definitely home bodies, so it's not the burden it might sound like. Still, I'd love to see Skyfall. James. James Bond. Hmmm ...

  4. We tried to make a date night about 6 weeks ago... just to a place around here that has jazz at night and it was closed up when we got there!!! Going to try again soon. We're actually headed to Blue Rodeo on the 2nd too!

  5. I totally should have ordered tickets when I wrote this post...I delayed and the concert is sold out. BOO!

  6. Sometimes!!!

    Not often.

    Actually, it feels strange to be outside when it is dark out.

  7. It seems a lot more fun, since it doesn't happen all the time, no?