Monday, November 26, 2012

Main Floor Closet Clean Up

I bought six blue IKEA SINGLA bags on the weekend ($2.49 each). They neatly pack away all of the top of closet essentials:
  • miscellaneous plastic tubs and Tupperware.
  • ginormous beach towels 
  • extra hats & scarves & mittens
  • outgrown kids shoes
  • playdoh and accessories
I also put a bag on the floor to hold reusable shopping bags.

It clears up the clutter - in the closet...Is closet clutter really a thing? Because isn't that supposed to be where clutter lives?  Anyways, my husband thinks no one will see the them, but, well...that's not exactly true - since I am showing them to you!

ps. I wish the triangle bags had zippers...the polka dots were fun too!



  1. What does the entire closet measure? It looks perfect. Wish you had posted a photo of the whole thing too.

  2. hi there! The closet is 6 feet wide, sliding a narrow hallway...I added a photo! so you could see!

  3. So you really did pack a lot in there. Love those doors! Custom?

  4. yup! custom...the closet was extended from the original tiny broom closet when we renovated 5 years ago! (wow time is flying)

    and twins? WOW! you are a hero!!!

  5. I'm so glad you posted this because I was having the same problem in my daughters tiny closet. There is no door on it so I have to keep it neat, but I didn't want to fork out more money on oversized baskets for all the misc. stuff. These were just what I needed and I hadn't seen them before, so thanks!
    I went with the dots, but I agree I love the triangles!!

  6. Oh I would love to see this! The dots were pretty great too!
    I get pretty crazy about spending money to be organized...I try to get the cheapest bins and things possible...I mean, the point is to get stuff in order, not pay for MORE stuff!!!

  7. Could you share your source for custom doors?