Monday, December 17, 2012

New books from Indigo

While out shopping this weekend, I noticed that Indigo has a display set up with 30 softcovers in bright colours.  I read several of the novels before, some of my favorite, know

ps. It's not just about the colours - I can't wait to read them!  I started with the Virgin Suicides...I can't put it down. SOOO good! I hope I find a few new favorites! 
pps....there are 13 more that I want...maybe if I get through the first 12!

*own, !!read, want :
The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters
*Sweetness In The Belly, by Camilla Gibb

!!Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe
!!Eleanor Rigby, by Douglas Coupland
The God Of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy
Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri

!!*Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood 
!!The Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid
!!A Prayer For Owen Meany, by John Irving
In The Skin Of A Lion by Michael Ondaatje
*Rush Home Road, by Lori Lansens
!!The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time, by Mark Haddon
Digging To America, by Anne Tyler
*True History Of The Kelly Gang, by Peter Carey
!!*Arthur & George, by Julian Barnes
!!*Black Swan Green, by David Mitchell

!!Funny Boy, by Shyam Selvadurai
The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield*The Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie
A Fraction Of The Whole, by Steve Toltz

*The Winter Vault, by Anne Michaels
A Student Of Weather, by Elizabeth Hay
Bloodletting * Miraculous Cures, by Vincent Lam
The Tiger Claw, by Shauna Singh Baldwin
Such A Long Journey, by Rohinton Mistry

!!The Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman
!!Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro

Mercy Among The Children, by David Adams Richards

!!All That Matters, by Wayson Choy
!!The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenides


  1. ooh so pretty...i'm tempted to get them just on looks and maybe I'll get through them next year.. maybe.

  2. Such a great deal if you buy all 30 of them! (volume discount...)

    I am on my second book now and OMG sooo good! I feel like I stumble blindly through this list and that recommendation...and all of a sudden 30 gems are lined up for me!

  3. Love your list of many ideas. One that jumps out is A Prayer for Owen Meany - my husband and I read this out loud to each other (and we're not like that!). Such a good story, everything had a purpose. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for your book list, I need to buy some so I'll check these out (they look beautiful too)!

  5. From the spines and the coloured edges on the paper it looks great, but then I see the cover design and personally I feel disappointed because there's so much design opportunity squandered there. (I'm pretty picky about book covers.) Some titles in the series I would like to read though.

    Have you seen the Drop Cap series for Penguin designed by Jessica Hische?

  6. Yay for adult books to read! ;) I'm looking forward to checking some of these out. So, is Virgin Suicides your fave out of the ones you've read so far?

  7. I don't know...each book I read is powerful in its own way. Each book is making me think, providing a different point of view...

    I want to buy the rest now! Even if I just find some second hand versions without the rainbow covers...