Thursday, February 28, 2013

Foggy Memory

I hung a set of framed leaves on the floating bookshelves in the office. The leaves are at least 12 years old. I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to forget the day I picked them. That's why I put them under glass - to hold on to whatever feeling I had in that moment!

Except, I have no idea what was so special about that day.

I have a vague recollection that the two small leaves were plucked off a tree the first time I went for a jog in the city. Except that can't be right? I remember the end of my first run. I was angry. Furious actually. I was out of shape** and had never really pushed myself in terms of fitness before. I needed a drink of water, I needed to spit. I did spit, and the spit hung from my lip...this made me even more ferocious as I grabbed a leaf to wipe my mouth. I actually recall pulling on a branch and the leaf snapping back so I had to grab at the branch a second time...

Surely these are not those leaves!

I like to think I cooled down as we walked home, the endorphins kicked in, and that's when I found the fall colours irresistible.

...but whatever I was actually thinking has completely escaped me. 

The leaves make me want to better preserve our everyday moments. I know I won't be able to recall much of the boys preschool days when they are grown men. Their baby-ness is already fading.

More important than documenting, the leaves remind me to be kind and generous to the people in my present life. More than a decade has flown by and all I have is a dusty meaningless memento. I have no contact with the people who were around then. When I look back at this time in our lives, I hope to do it by reminiscing with friends and family!   

*I was recently back from spending a summer getting plump in Bilbao, Spain.  

ps. Lately, quite a few memories of my early twenties have come flooding back. So much embarrassment and regret. I was such a jerk in my twenties.      
pps. The office is still one of my favorite places in the house! I continue to fill the room with plants and framed pictures and books and milk glass. I hung two pictures on the back of the closet door (I ran out of wall space!) and I will find some smaller things to hang around the chair. I have about 25 books I want to read on my nightstand. We are running out of space on the shelves but I think there is still enough room to cram them in!     


  1. Love this. You are the coolest Shannon, I totally wish we could hang out in real life. P.S. I was a total jerk in my twenties. Ugh.

  2. I love the idea of framing leaves! And I have to say thank you, because this post serves as a reminder for me to be more thoughtful and caring with people in my life. AND to document it!

  3. ha!
    I bet the 25 books beside my bed make me cool?
    or maybe the exercise rage?
    ha ha!

  4. was easy for me to drop people along the way in my twenties...what a waste!

    be kind. If you know you are doing something crummy, well, apologize, and change your actions...there is no good excuse, no matter what you try to convince yourself at the time!