Thursday, March 7, 2013

Styling the baby's dresser: Found a place for my book ends!

I bought these chunky wooden tree book ends two years ago, and they have been sitting on the shelves in the storage room ever since! I wanted to style up and organize the top of the dresser in the nursery and I was glad to have them on hand*!

You see, yesterday, I was walking down the same block as Goodwill and I didn't go in. I mean, if you spot me in a thrift store, you won't see me hesitate- I like it, I buy it! Except, I am pretty sure that the definition of thrift is not: spend-cash-on-things-you-don't-need-and-hoard-them-in-your-basement.

But then this one little bit of staging gives me the go ahead to keep on thrifting!

Hey - I like that! Keep on Thrifting...this is my new slogan!

Or perhaps, Exercise caution while Thrifting should be my motto.

I'm on fire! Quick - someone make a poster and pin that sh*t!

ps. I want to show you some tiny changes I've made in the kitchen, the office, and other rooms. I just need to snap some photos! (Oh and let's face it, by the time I make one part of a room look tidy, the rest of it has been toy bombed and plastered with crumbs!!)
pps. we are hitting up the big box stores or a nursery this weekend to shop for more house plants. I need more green in my life!  Maybe this is my way of welcoming (beckoning) spring!
ppps. the pictures should come back from the frame shop next week and I will show you them as soon as I get them up on the walls!
pppps. I feel like I have said all this before...ok, not the catchy new phrases, but the sentiment towards thrifting is definitely not new...

*Almost listed them on ETSY


  1. Keep on Thrifting indeed....I think that's my unofficial model too. My roomie jokes that I have a problem! LOL. I just can't pass up something fabulous from a thrift store. ;)

  2. I love those bookends! My weakness is Kijiji (which everyone uses instead of CL in Halifax for unknown reasons) - I'm always tempted to buy things I don't need because they're a good deal. I can't tell you how many times my husband has had to save me from myself by just refusing to go help me carry something haha.

  3. Oh, and now I'm totally going to go check Kijiji...

  4. ok where did you get that cook parking lot toy!? Leo would love that!

  5. That was a christmas present - or birthday...
    i think it's from mastermind!

    it is cool!!

  6. I know I should comment on the bookends but I can't stop looking at the sweet parking lot tower thing. Do your sons like it and play with it? It's such a cool design.

  7. My boyfriend's family is in Halifax and his mom only looks at Kijiji too! Funny how that happens...

  8. Those bookends are so sweet! They look like birds eye maple too! good thrifting... love the wee little plaid shirts and the car park too--Hape makes the nicest toys..

  9. Yah they love it!
    We have three...this one, a vintage fisher price one, and a new fisher price I rotate them around ...when it comes back off the dresser...or when they look up and notice it, they will play with it again for days and days...gotta get the toys they drift away from out of sight for a while...they forget about them, then they get excited to see them again!

    At least that's how we do it!

  10. Thrifting is theee best. At least you aren't hoarding brand new expensive stuff right? :)