Sunday, April 28, 2013

Art: One for me, one for you!


Yesterday, I bought a chrome frame at a church rummage sale. The frame was nothing special, and the art was nothing special, but it was an incredibly busy sale and I got a little swept up in the frenzy!

This morning, I combed through ETSY looking for something new to put in the frame and I fell in love with a watercolour painting. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I wasn't really in the mood to spend more money, so I turned to our D: Drive instead and took a look at my husband's photography. I found this image from our trip to Paris in 2010.


My husband printed out two copies! One for me, and one to share!

Giveaway! Open to everyone!

Leave a comment and tell me the last time you went to Paris, or the next time you are going to Paris, or where this photo would go in your house!

ps. photo only, frame not included!
pss. thanks! 

I will leave this giveaway open for two weeks - good luck! 


  1. I would put it in our half bath and someday I would love to see paris!

  2. I went to Paris with my family when I was pretty young. I remember being quite disappointed with the Mona Lisa (seriously - who would think it was so small?) and discovering crêpes for the first time. We stayed in a B&B, and my brother and I were in heaven because every day we got fresh baguette and hot chocolate for breakfast - what could be better than that?
    Love the photo - I'd put it in by bedroom :)

  3. This is beautiful, I LOVE Paris!! My husband had a business trip to Paris in 2009 so we decided to add a few days so I could join him. We are so glad to have been able to experience Paris - we crammed so much into a short visit, running around to see as much as possible. Now I think I will go look through my photos to revisit our wonderful trip :)

  4. The only time I've been to Paris was in 1999, on my "grand tour" of Europe. I had just finished four years at York but instead of graduating I had failed too many courses. So I stretched my planned five week trip into a three month trip (but still with only five weeks worth of money)....I can't remember where I went before or after Paris but one day I wound up at the Centre Georges Pompidou and hung out with a crazy bunch of kids/people from literally all over the world, playing guitars and singing. Wow, that sounds weird. We went for dinner in some teeny tiny little bar where it was Edith Piaf and friends song night. The proprietor passed out lyric sheets so we could sing along with the accordion player and there was NO TALKING allowed, just singing. We would sing a song, pass the sheets back and get the next song sheet. After that I crashed on the couch of an American who was working for Revlon? Estee Lauder? as a lipstick chemist. The next morning I bought my daily baguette and caught a train to somewhere.

    It was a good trip (but not a "good trip" if you know what I mean, just a crazy time). Mmm, I'd probably put the photo either in our kitchen or in the living room.

  5. PS: Later on I did a couple of correspondance courses and got my BFA (Hons) in 2005. Yay!

  6. My husband was in charge of our honeymoon and he picked and planned the trip as a surprise. During a speech at our wedding, he gave me a little travel journal featuring the eiffel tower. It was an awesome surprise for me and our guests and we had a marvellous honeymoon in the lovely city in 2008.

  7. I've never been to Paris, I have no immediate plans to go...except sometime in my lifetime I will go!
    At this very moment my Mom has taken my oldest daughter and her best friend to Italy for one week, tomorrow they will arrive in Paris and stay for two weeks. I have been getting short emails from them about their love of Italy and the anticipation of Paris! I did a lot of Paris research with my daughter, planning lots of places, some big and some small to explore. Can't wait to hear their stories and see pics of their travels. I guess this is more of a vicarious Paris tale!

  8. Hi!
    I love Paris and was an au pair there for a year. I also love photography. I'm really interested to know about your printer. My husband and I had twins last year and we've got 22, 347 photos of them. I'll never get around to ordering prints - I'm someone who thought it was actually easier to drop off a roll of film and pick it up some time later!
    Have been considering a photo printer for the house, but have no time to research which ones are good.
    Wanna share your info?

  9. I haven't actually counted how many photos there are, but there a lot!

  10. How thoughtful! My husband and I travelled to Paris as newlyweds in 2006. We loved the city and can't wait to visit again when our kids are a bit older (or are visiting with their Grandarents) :P

  11. The printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 3880
    My husband says Epson is regarded as top of the line...this printer can handle large sheets, and because the ink cartridges are so large, the cost to print is more reasonable.

    I may be putting words in his mouth, I forget exactly why he liked this one.

    I do know it took him considerable time to calibrate the colours so that it matches what you see on screen.

    He is also a bit of a computer and camera geek and a total I am not sure how user friendly this is! Put it this way, I used it for the first time this week, and it took me 15 minutes to figure out where the paper went...holy paper jam errors!!!

  12. Paris??!!! It's on the bucket list but realistically won't be crossed off for another 20 years or so. Good comes to those who wait? Right?
    That print is stunning and would make a great impact in our entrance.

  13. Beautiful Paris! I was lucky enough to visit there in 2010. I'll never forget the experience.
    This is a gorgeous print, and I would love to hang it in my sewing room, or upstairs hallway.. I would have to try it in a few places!

  14. Hi Shannon! We last went to Paris in 2010 when our son was 8 mos old. Now we're expecting our 2nd (a girl!) - I would love put this print in her nursery when we make the move to Boston from NYC later this summer - sadly (to our parents' dismay) we aren't moing back to T.O. anytime
    Soon. This pic will be a nice reminder of Paris and in a sense Toronto, as we lay down roots in a new city. Quite a nice gift to share with your readers!

  15. I went to Paris when I was 16, and it was life-changing! I would love to take my girls there someday and experience it all over. :) Beautiful picture!

  16. Hum... I've never been to Paris and not sure if I'll ever go... love the photo! Would look great hanging in my office. Thanks for sharing!