Saturday, April 20, 2013

Riding the TTC carrying boxes and bags full of vintage!


This morning, I went to the Christ Deer Park Church Rummage sale, and hobbled home with bags and boxes and more bags, and a large framed poster. I had to make two trips on the subway to get everything back home (loser!). I am going to list several things in the etsy shop (if I can tear my fingers off them)

Jordana left a comment and asked if I ever come out of a thrift store empty handed. I do! Honest. Sometimes I go through dry spells. It's the worst. More often than not, I buy things I don't need. Things that I love, but I don't need. The coolest stuff EVER, but it still isn't something I need. Like more vintage toys. Or a tiny jar. Or a wooden bowl. Or strawberry napkins. You get me.

But it's cheap, and I love it, and it's probably not something I will ever see again, and it probably costs a lot more online, and if I don't buy it, I might live to regret it, and the proceeds go to charity...and I love it!

This is the first time I bought clothing. I think I could wear this shirt all the time. It cost $10 so I don't know if this is a classy label or what?!! I was glad my friend was with me, else I may not have taken the time to notice it on the rack!

The Sony Tape. Full Colour Sound poster is available online for $100. Score! I paid $12 and it came framed! Plus it's an original! Double score!

The pyrex was priced average, not cheap. The small was $4, the yellow medium was $6, the brown medium was $8 and the large was $10. I didn't even look at the patterns until I got home.

My favorite purchase is the vintage fisher price lift and load railroad. We had this as kids, and I am really happy to bring home a set with all the parts for my boys to play with, for only $10!

So tell me, are you are garage sale and thrift store shopaholic? Or do you buy only what you need? Also, have you ever given second hand anything away as a gift? I think there is still a bit of a stigma around that, no? We should try and change that! I mean, most people might think you were being stingy if you gave them a chrome vintage pigeon...I would jump up and hug you!

TTC - Toronto Transit Commission


  1. I went to a rummage sale today too! So fun. I picked up a small globe, an upholstered ottoman (that needs new fabric), a ornate frame and a zillion cookie cutters for play dough. Total spend $10.75. Couldn't have been happier!

  2. I've done a lot of vintage shopping lately too, and I think you'd make a perfect thrifty shopping bud. :)

  3. Friends don't let friends buy ugly vintage!!!

  4. I think even though second hand costs less(or way more if you buy online and include shipping), anyways, it sometimes seems cheap. Except its way more personal and one of a kind! I just think a lot of people might not know how to accept it? Maybe I should gift more vintage and see how it goes...maybe i am over analyzing!!!

  5. Oh I spent too much! Between the shirt, the poster and the bowls, thats $40+.

  6. I've been hunting for the complete set of Harry Potter books and been to 4 thrift stores in the last week. I got the last 3 yesterday at the VV in Leslieville and was thrilled. The problem has been all the other things I've picked up all well! We've gotten some great kids clothes and kewellery tho. I saw Pyrex and thought "8foot6 would love that".

  7. Love the little owls! I hit a church rummage sale Saturday and old came home with a dr. seuss book. Great work!

  8. I love the potato chip jar! You got some great stuff! We've had great luck at yard sales (I always seem to miss rummage sales and I think they might be the best - more people - more stuff.) I'm thinking the upcoming weeks will be great for yard sales - if the warm weather ever comes!
    I'd love to give / receive vintage as gifts but the recipients have to love it as much as you do and some people are really squeamish about "secondhand!"

  9. jealous again. I think the sony tape poster is perfect (especially at $12.00).
    I probably should have been at the sale (but I was sleeping in), my husband sporadically attends Christ Deer Park.

  10. I like the owls and vintage fisher price. Cool finds!

  11. If you were to give me any of these sweet finds, I would absolutely jump up and hug you. I'd probably squeal, too 'cause I'm nerdy like that.

    p.s. I'm on the look out for a vintage lipstick holder.