Thursday, April 11, 2013

Butterfly chair from Craigslist

I fell in love with a chair on Craigslist. A brindle cowhide butterfly chair.

The other night, my husband went to pick it up, and when he brought it through the door, my heart sank. This is not what I expected. It's so low to the ground. There's packing tape holding the rods together! It wobbles!  What.the.HELL!

I need to pay more attention when I buy off Craigslist.  I get emotionally attached to the item, I stop thinking. I don't question it. I just want it! I don't want to lose out! I WANT IT NOW!

In this case, I thought I was getting a Circa 50 chair. We could have bought two new Circa 50's for $540usd plus $30 shipping to Buffalo. Then drive down and pick them up, paying additional duty and tax. This chair was $325 - about the same price as a new one - but it had packing tape on its legs.

I am pretty sure the Circa 50 base is two continuous metal rods, not 4 rods connected by 4 base rods. Tremendous buyer's remorse overcame me.

"Oh well", my husband said, "we can always pick up a new base, the cowhide is in perfect condition."

But, I felt like a total failure. I took it HARD. I contacted the seller, she sent me a link to where they bought it from:

I felt a bit better. 

Then I took the chair apart, figured out how to stop the wobble, re-assembled it (boy was that a ridiculous challenge), and removed the tape.

I have gone from in total love, to tummy ache, back to love...I sit in the chair every time I am downstairs.

ps. watching clist for a lower round coffee table now!
pss. Here's what my basement looked like when I went down to take a few photos:


  1. Pricey but totally works for your basement. Is it comfortable? Lumbar support?

  2. Oh good. I'm glad it worked out but you will be more savvy now. Lesson learned and bad CL karma to the seller

  3. This reminds me of the butterfly chair I had when I was a kid. It was just a cheap blue canvas one, but I loved it so much. I'd sit in it for hours while I read book after book!

  4. Love the chair!!! It's fantastic in brown. Fab find ;)

  5. I just saw you on TV...crazy! Steve and Chris are my fav!!