Friday, April 12, 2013

What's MY style?

I have three style heros from the blog world. Emma from the Marion House Book, Morgan from The Brick House, and Dabito from Old Brand New.

Emma does texture like nobody's business...I know you know this!
Morgan (who I am not on first names with, but, well, I can't hold that against her), to me, IS California. I love what she does!
Dabito, well now, Dabito is the best. He is young, he is creative, he has his own style.

I don't think there is even a hint of what I see on these websites in our house. This morning, as I scrolled through The Brick House Tumbler, I was wondering about this. If I am overwhelmingly drawn to a certain style, then why doesn't it show up in my home?

Let me suggest some possible reasons:
1) I am too cheap 
2) I see our house as 'done', and I don't know how to push the limits
3) We used a designer in the beginning, and I am reluctant to change anything she did 
4) We are not in California
5) I have my own style
6) I like modern AND I like gramma stuff
7) Too much IKEA (if there is such a thing!)
8) We don't live in a loft, or a modern house
9) I don't own any kilim pillows

What IS my style? Can you see it?

ps. Anytime I have 'copied' something from a blog it hasn't turned out well for me in the end. Inevitably, it is a waste of money. While I love looking through blogs, I try not to get too caught up in what everyone else is doing. Of course, it is impossible NOT to be influenced. At the same time I don't want to end up with a blogger home. You know?  


  1. Have you seen this article?

    This is the website they reference, in case you don't know it.

    Anyhoo. I think you have style. And the real definition of style is owning it. Your stuff collected over time, your interests, your authenticity. Great post topic.

  2. Ok, I just spent way too much time on FYNCT site...hilarious!

  3. i totally love modern and grandma stuff, and i too get stuck defining my style. plus, i live in a boring townhouse, instead of the midcentury ranch house i dream of. i think about it this exact topic all the time. and i try to find rooms that look like my style, but haven't been successful. so, I just try to figure out the design elements i like in rooms I love, instead of the objects, and then copy those. like maybe its a way they combine colors, or play with lighting, or use fabric...and if it helps...i read your blog, because I love YOUR style. so, keep up what you do!

  4. OK, this is something too...what if you buy a house that is perfect location, great size, the right price, but it has counters or cabinets or vanities or floors or a corner fireplace or whatever...stuff that is perfectly ok, not that old, but not your style? Like a boring townhouse! ;)

    I mean, it's foolish to buy a place based only on aesthetics, but isn't it a little silly to rip out and replace perfectly good everything, because it's not your vibe? Especially since everyone is renovating then moving on nowadays...chances are you will buy someone else's updates that are meant to please the majority, and probably make you want to scream? Then what? Don't buy...or get over it? Or tear it all out and start over?

    Ok, maybe this is a different topic...

    Don't worry, we are not moving! I have at least 10 more years in this house!

  5. ok. so, you're totally cracking me up! what you are saying totally resonates with me. some days I am glad I rent because then I don't have to spend time worrying about changing the things I hate, and then other days I wish I owned the house so I could fix all the stuff i hate and bring my boring townhouse up to its potential. obviously, i'm no help. i guess you buy something in the middle ground? also, i've decided whether or not I like my house is largely dependent on my hormones and my mood... am i the only one?

  6. barbara @hodge:podgeApril 13, 2013 at 12:17 AM

    You have fabulous style! And I am with you....I am too cheap to truly embrace "my style" and I think you can have too much Ikea, I sure do.

  7. I LOVE IKEA...anytime I need something, well, you all know...I check ikea and craigslist...occasionally CB2, but I don't own a thing from CB2...oh and Westelm...I have some westelm in here..

  8. you are not the only one!
    I think if I had a real job, I would stop looking for things to fix up...i blame being home all day, and my big imagination...

    too many big ideas!