Friday, April 12, 2013

Buying Used Books Online

I bought a few used books from, a UK based online bookshop. Have you tried them out?

I placed two separate orders last week, one for $7.94, one for $8.18*, and here they are already! 

Time to get reading!!! 

ps. not a sponsored post. I feel as if I am opening my arms wide, as wide as possible, big stretches, and then wrapping myself around as many interesting used books as I can locate, and pulling them all into this house. The question of what to read next has never been so satisfying.   
pps. Currently reading the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry and the red badge of courage
ppps. actually, it is time to get off the computer and prepare lunch, then run a handful or errands (that may, or may not include dropping into BMV, another used bookstore)

*there were no additional charges at the door


  1. Oh I love old books. Great to have another source. I just find that sometimes the shipping charges seem a tad prohibitive, sometimes even more than the books.

  2. All the book reading that you do has really inspired me! I love your mini reviews and I am reading now more than I have in a long time! I signed on to Shelfari to keep track of my books.

  3. I just posted and my name is Betty not Felix!

  4. I am addicted to reading. I realize how much there is out there to read and how many new books get published, and even at the rate of 50 books a year I will never be able to take in as much as I want to! I am not even sure WHY I read. I just love it!