Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting the dining room table black

Guys - when the weather FINALLY clears up (that has to be it for the snow! I don't think it's possible to snow in the second half of April! No, No...winter is over! You hear me winter? YOU are OVER!)

Ok, when the weather flips to spring*...I am going to paint our maroon veneer dining room table SUPER HIGH GLOSS BLACK.

Are you with me?

Any other colours you would consider?

I will probably go to the Home Depot (because they sent me a $50 gift card!) and buy a giant bucket of Tremclad and some sort of poly clear coat, oh and an oil-based primer....and small rollers...and just do it!

See more table & dining room photos here.

 *Weather needs to warm up and dry out, patio furniture needs to be removed from the garage, and we need to shop for supplies. Then we need to haul the table outside.  Someone needs to detach the kids from my legs. Then, watch me paint! 
ps. Thanks Razmataz

pss. this thought brought to you by a very strong espresso!  I will probably reconsider after the caffeine buzz wears off!

ppps. The table is Ethan Allen Ashcroft Dining Table ...except it's not really that colour, or that my house it looks dark purple/burgundy. 


  1. The table is absolutely beautiful. It's very sculptural. I get that you want to paint it high gloss black, but I think you have to have it have it done professionally. Not saying that you can't do it, but it's just not the same. It will look brand new, plus be more durable if you have it done professionally. Personally I like the colour, adds interest, not so matchy matchy. Why do you want to paint it?

  2. The table is the worst color.
    I would consider refinishing it a different stain if it wasn't veneer...if it was a medium brown - no problem...

    Glossy black is my first choice, but it's a BIG table, so that's a lot of black!!!

    It's too bad it didn't look more like the catalogue photos

  3. I agree with the other commenters - I would get it done professionally. Rambling renovators recently showed a vanity she had sprayed professionally and it looked great.

  4. In my mind I keep coming back to changing the stain...
    that would need to be done by a professional, I worry that will cost more than the table did in the first place!

    I think it would make a huge difference! Even a clear coat after it is back to the wood colour.

    I should get some quotes

  5. Kim from twohouses.caApril 14, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Hi Shannon, I painted my purple table white a couple of years ago using a small foam roller (the finish is just ok) but since then I purchased several paint sprayers which attach to a small compressor. Lee Valley has BY FAR the best one on the market. It is super easy to get a professional finish yourself. Here is the link,43456,43390
    Go for it!!

  6. I'm with you! Black will work very nicely with the pale grey walls. Maybe try to test the paint finish and high gloss on an old throwaway item first? That way you can perfect your technique and ascertain if the final product will look as good if you hope it will.

  7. Ummmm. For me personally, I think painting a table, a nice table, is the first step to getting a new table. As a teenager, every time i thought about new eye glasses, I would loose the first pair<<<---- alway by accident of course.

    However, Im not really familiar with the process of painting tables that are relatively new, so perhaps it can be done. Good luck

  8. As some one who just got sick of her beautiful dining table for no reason at all and bought a new one from Craigslist, I would say it a used CL table of high pedigree but a different style, sell your table, and voila, a swap out. Painting would degrade the value of your table. And such a headache.

  9. Totally feel high gloss black, but you have all the patience & time to DIY it? Such a risk taker you are!

  10. I circle back to this thought every once and a thoughts swirl:
    - it's expensive table, don't wreck it, just clist it
    - it doesnt LOOK expensive, no one in their right mind will pay up for it, and it's getting pretty scratched up and two small dings on the top...
    - get it professionally stripped and stained a lighter colour, to show the wood grain
    - do I want a lighter wood grain in my dining room? No...and Ethan Allen says the veneer is only 1/40th...that's not exactly easy to work with, I could probably buy a new table (retail) for the cost to change this one...
    - I love the shape. I love the size. I just don't like the finish. Glossy black will look amazing, should I DIY? I have DIY'd a few other things...they look fine!
    - but it's an expensive table...I don't want to wreck it...

  11. I painted the foyer console high gloss black ... it's going strong!

  12. You had a purple table too?
    GET OUT!
    I don't think I am up to the's professional or roller...

    besides, if I DIY it, anytime it needs to be touched up...I just DIY it know? Lifetime Guarantee!

  13. Yah, Janice from Life Begins at thirty, right got her vanity sprayed...

    I should at least get a quote!

  14. I guess I could get it stained ebony...

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