Monday, July 22, 2013

A source for Clover Seeds

The lawn was looking pretty great, then when the flowers started to dry up and turn brown, we decided to cut the clover (with a brush breaker tool, like a whipper snipper on steroids). We left the clippings since we wanted to retain the seeds from the flowers. Just common sense, you know? Except, what a mistake!

The long stringy dead clippings matted down new growth, and the choked lawn looked yellow and sparse.

I tried raking the dead away, but it was too tangled. I got out the mower and cut it at the highest level. Still couldn't get the dead out. I cut it again two notches from the highest level - no go! Screw it! I dropped the blade to the ground and scalped the sucker.  

I then had no problem raking away over two yard waste bags full of hay... but what were we left with? Dirt! Embarrassing.

What you see here is a week later, with a light coating of some white clover seeds from Rona.  I am not 100 percent confident in these seeds, since we put down 2.5 buckets worth in the spring, and the clover that resulted was tiny. Stunted? Or is this micro clover but not labeled as such?

Anyways, today I pulled out the weeds. THE WEEDS! There were spots where the weeds had completely taken over. Say goodbye you rotten buggers!!

Now I need to do something about the bare dirt patches...and really, we need to reseed the entire lawn...I am not beneath begging, so I called the landscapers we used three years ago to get their source. You see I asked them for it three years ago, then again two years ago when they came back and topped up the lawn...I figured they would still shut me down, but ... BUT!! They came through!!!

Here is the source:

And they are cheap!

Apparently 500gs ($10+ $8 shipping and tax) can do 3000 sqft...

When the seeds arrive, I will mow down the lawn (maybe not scalp it again) and try again! I feel invincible now that I know where to buy the seeds! No matter what I do, I can always toss more seeds on and watch it come back to life!!!  Nature rocks!


  1. After seeing your lawn I got a 500g bag of White Clover seeds from PlantWorld (Eglinton & Royal York) for $10, I think. The package says it seeds up to 2,000 sq ft

  2. :) so remember i emailed you at the beginning of the summer, asking where you purchased your seeds from?

    well this is how my seeds turned out from 'sheridan nurseries'...

    what will you do with your lawn this fall??... i read through a previous post that you mowed it down... would you recommend it again? or?