Friday, July 26, 2013

Read more!

The stack of books I bought today for $1 a piece...

Is this my prime?

I think so!

Freedom to explore life, art and literary ideas! I tell you, the thoughts I am collecting now!

My prime!

I like that!

ps. a few days ago, I finished reading "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie". How, exactly, does she betray her girls? By living a lie? That must be it! Anyways, the story sticks to you...the novel seems a little light, but days later you dwell on Miss Brodie...her influence...her girls.  If you are trying to read more, this is a very quick read and considered a 20th century classic. Enjoy! 
pss. After reading this, I want a panama hat.  


  1. Maybe a trip to Ecuador is in order to pick up a hat from the source. I love mine!

  2. Lullabies for little criminals is a really good book

  3. I have never read the novel, but I did see the film, starring the divine Maggie Smith as Miss Jean Brodie. I teach at an all-girls' school, so the whole schtick really resonates with me (though I do not play favourites the way Jean Brodie does! At least, not OUTWARDLY... maybe in my head a little... :) ) Saw you today on Steven & Chris and fell in LOVE with your kitchen-- can't wait to discover your blog!