Friday, July 26, 2013

New Art!

I wasn't going to buy this. I was walking home from Bloor, carrying a heavy stack of books...

I walked into the consignment store...paused in front of this print for a while...then looked around the rest of the tiny shop...left...came back, snapped some photos...left again, thinking I could come back on the weekend...this time I got a few blocks away before I turned around to go back and buy it (I had texted Janice, who told me to go for it!)

I hung it in my office, where I can see it from the hallway.

The artist is Arthur Louis Piza, here are some details. His work is in the Guggenheim in New York!!

I bought this from "...of Things Past" on Yonge for $131 (after tax). It had been reduced twice already! It is a signed and numbered Lithograph Print. On this website, his lithos start at 300 euros... Surprise!

It really is gorgeous...each of the dabs of colour puff off the page. The dark background is crowded with scratch marks...Green and blue are my colours! I love it!!

Litho "Green Abstract", By Piza, Small Silver Frame, 71/99