Monday, September 2, 2013

Garage Clean Up

Mice made a mess in the garage, so it was time for a major cleanup! We cleared everything out, and Dad cemented, caulked, and spray foamed all the seams and cracks. I haven't noticed a single dropping since then, so I hope we took care of the problem!
We decided to ditch a ton of junk: old doors, off cuts of 1x6's, 2x4's, 1x8's, drywall, MDF, plywood, you name it. All the stuff you save - just in case! What you might need it for, you got me. Five years and multiple reno's and DIY's later and this stuff hasn't been touched. Time to say goodbye to the pile! Everything is curbside for the city to pick up tomorrow (garbage day). 

I wanted to make the garage look good. Organized, functional, and tidy - and I didn't want to spend any money. I arranged things in straight lines, clusters, and zones. I shoved all the empty cardboard boxes* on top of the rafters, and moved odd sized items to the wire shelves. I put smaller items into the matchy matchy bins. I considered installing peg board, because peg board is pretty, but settled for driving giant nails in the wall instead.

Can you imagine how good it would look if the walls and ceiling and that back table were all painted white? (Crazy talk) 

OMG, can you image how good it would look if all we owned was a couple snow shovels, a rake, a broom and a lawn mower? Now I am talking crazy!


ps. We ripped out the work bench that was along the right wall.We didn't need it.
pps. We returned the tower of cabot stain - we stripped the deck and decided to leave it au you want to see pictures? It looks good, but I can't wait until it turns grey!
ppps. My bentwood chairs usually hang along the left side of the garage, near the roof, but they are on loan (at my sister in laws!)

 *man stuff


  1. Excellent organizing! Just the inspiration I need to tackle our garage.

  2. I think I have garage envy! Nothing is more thrilling than getting my messes organized. Although if you look at my garage right now, you wouldn't know I feel that way!

  3. O how I love me a good garage clean. Do you park in the driveway? Kind of reminds me of LA where everybody parks in their driveway because they have too many toys (surf boards, bikes, etc.) in the garage :)

  4. Garages are most badly maintained indoor areas of the home followed by stuffed basements & understairs. We don't spend too much time in the garage & so it slowly turns into a junkyard. If you’re living room was inaccessible you wouldn’t put off fixing the situation. You’d make sure you could get to your couch and TV!