Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Art! The Supremes, by Charles Pachter

By Charles Pachter. Number 19/100 limited edition silkscreen of "The Supremes",1985.

I was searching craigslist and kijiji for "art" and "limited edition". This print came up in the results. I will admit I wasn't familiar with Charles Pachter, but google told me everything I needed to know! He is a Canadian legend! The guy who made the 'mooses' (remember the moose statues that were all over Toronto?), and the mural at College Street Station (the hockey players). He has been described as the Andy Warhol of Canada.  I want to visit his gallery, the Moose Factory, and see his other works and learn more.

The seller purchased this print directly from Pachter in the 90's. It is of the supreme court judges. We have nothing to do with the law around here (um, besides obeying it...and being called for jury duty - I got my notice a week ago, I dutifully filled in the form and returned it - I hope I don't get called!). I like it because it is crisp and graphic, and 100% Canadian (without apology)!


ps. I found an online auction result to help determine the value and negotiate a price we both accepted.
pps. The seller also provided us with a post card that Pachter sent to him after he made the full payment for the piece.    


  1. LOVE it for the MR SERIOUS SANTA and his serious santa friends ;)

  2. This is incredible Shannon! I LOVE Charlie Pachter - what a great score, I can't believe it was on craigslist/kijiji!!! And the postcard is very cool.

  3. umm... total score. you got skiillz

  4. Jo @ In Corners of My MindSeptember 27, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    Total score...and even more so with the post card proving the provenance...well done!!! I am excited for you!

  5. I have a charles patcher myself ( "I said good morning to the rooster"). LOVE IT! I also saw your silkscreen on kijiji a while back ago too when I was considering buying the rooster silkscreen. I loved the name of your print. I was obsessed with CP for a while too, he is FANTASTIC!