Friday, October 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Feastival

Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend! We are feasting here with family and friends. I want to get the dishes washed and organized today, and then I can focus on the food next week.

Here is a dry run.

TWO EATING AREAS - The dining room, and the kitchen: 8-10 place settings in dining room, 10 place settings in kitchen.  

TABLE CLOTH - I need to buy another table cloth. This white sheet is the only thing I have that fits the dining room table.  Of course it needs ironing...and I was thinking of using water colour to make a pretty design. Grey and cream on the white...Maybe...

BUFFET STYLE: I put plates at each place setting, but on the big day, I will place them along the buffet for people to easily serve themselves. The smaller plates will be used for appetizers. All food will be laid out on the counters in the kitchen.

PLATES: 16 new harvest-like plates, marked Eschenbach Bavaria, Germany, pattern W3184, purchased last weekend for $0.25 each at thrift shop - SCORE!

GLASSES - Using milk glass goblets as water glasses. Wine glasses will be at a 'beverage station' since most of us (me) get started with a nice glass while cooking and picking at the appetizers.

NIBBLES - I want to fill the scalloped berry bowls with golden yellow berries (those tart ones, not sure their name) and the chicken jars with nuts...

CENTERPIECES -  Mums in milkglass...either small potted mums or I need green flower foam to make the arrangements

- Tea lights
- I have this big idea that involves branches and twinkle lights (oh my!), but I might not have the time to tackle it...
- at least three ice water water pitchers at each table, and some decanted wine.
- making mini no-bake cheesecakes in the glasses (bottom picture)
- using 6 bentwood chairs (at my sister-in-law's right now!)

Note to self: Buy a tablecloth & flower foam // Ask mom to bring the turkey platter this weekend // Find out if any of the girls want to come help decorate and make cheesecakes 

ps. I would love suggestions or big ideas, if you got them, please share!!!


  1. N_StyleingwithChildrenOctober 4, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    you're way too organized!!! :) I'm hosting a dinner party for 6 on Sunday and still have no idea what I'm making...

    One recipe I know I want to try this weekend is these eggplant sliders:

  2. Love all the organization and planning. In terms of ideas, I'm a fan of the mini pumpkins / gourds. Inexpensive, organic, and festive :)