Friday, October 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

My nieces came by this afternoon to put together flower arrangements for Thanksgiving Dinner. We used six milk glass bowls with a chunk of green flower foam in each one. Despite googling "Eddie Ross Flower Arrangement" a million times before starting, I had no appreciation for how many flowers it took to make a simple arrangement. That's where the apples on bamboo sticks came in - to fill the holes.

It was a first time for everyone at the table! They did a fantastic job! Thanks ladies!!!!

ps. Cost: a whopping $86. I bought multiple bunches of orange flowers and the queens ann lace* from a local veggie and flower shop. Thankfully (Thanksgiving!!), the beige and purple grasses as well as the hydrangeas were from our garden and a kind neighbors garden (12 giant hydrangeas for free!!!!Take as many as you want, he said! Oh boy!!!)...I looked at the supermarket flowers from metro, they were $24 for a giant bunch of yellow and red blooms. One bunch may have filled one compote dish. Maybe there were cheaper bunches but I would have needed two or three of the smalls per dish. Summary: Not cheap.
pps. A shout out to A.W. who reads 8footsix faithfully!!!
ppps. I will try to take photos of the tables once they are fully set tomorrow, but with so many helpers in the house (and food that needs cooking), I may not get the chance!! 
pppps. The grey plaid tablecloth is new from The Bay. Part of the Gluckstein collection - on sale!!  I set two tables, 9 seats in the kitchen and 10 in the dining room. There will be 19 of us, including two toddlers who don't usually sit much at family dinner.

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  1. Love the dahlia center pieces. The apples are a really nice touch.