Saturday, September 7, 2013

New chair, $15

Here's chair, at Sally Ann
Here's chair, waiting for the subway train
Here's chair, on the train
Here's chair, home at last

Searched Leslieville vintage furniture stores during this afternoon's rain storm, then dropped into the Salvation army on Parliament...that's where I found a single matching chair! It's rickety and falling apart, but all the important parts are intact (no broken spokes or anything)...I will try new screws in the legs to tighten everything up! They were asking $19.99 and I tried to get it for $10, but she would only come down to $15 (with two hotwheels cars for free)...

Next week, I will sand them, prime them, and get ready to paint!  Is there a special type of paint that should be used on furniture? A high gloss maybe? Something formulated for heavy use? Or just anything oil based? How long should they cure? In the garage at this time of year ok?  Let me know what has worked for you!

ps. we were considering buying salt chairs from DWR. They are almost affordable, at $109usd, and DWR is having a dining room sale, 15% off, in September/October. We haven't seen the salt chairs in person, and the shipping to Canada is pretty stiff, so I am happy I found a vintage chair instead. I will hold out hope of finding a fourth!   


  1. score! love the picture of the chair waiting for the subway.

  2. Spray paint would be the easiest for this project for sure.

  3. I would for sure use spray paint. High gloss white. Take the time to sand and prime since they are so old. Then do a few light coats of high gloss white. :-)

  4. Check out Miss Mustard Seeds blog. She paints a lot of furniture and has tutorials.

  5. Well done on the chair find. I have no expertise in painting but think that high gloss white would look nice. I've found it hard to avoid drips when I spray painted in the past but I am sure there is a technique that would address that

  6. Total score! Love it when the thrift store gods smile like that.

    We painted our vintage rocking chair with an oil-based paint 5 years ago and it's held up fine. Two coats, dried over a weekend, cured in a week or so. This weekend I just finished painting our mudroom cubbies in BM Regal Select, upon the advice of our local dealer - she said it will wear like iron once it's cured the 2 weeks...time will tell, but it sure looks pretty right now, and I was able to recoat in 3 hours.

    I think spray paint would be easiest, but I'd imagine you'd need quite a few cans to do 3 chairs, and you'd definitely need that trigger that saves your fingers from cramping! I haven't tried chalk paint yet, but think that would also be easy, just would look more matte than glossy, so depends on what look you're going for.

  7. I'm a big fan of the rustoleum professional high performance enamel. It's the easiest most durable spray paint I've used - just make sure to scuff up the existing finish. I would probably use liquid deglosser instead of sand paper. I can't believe you found a third chair!

  8. Centsational girl has a good post about paint for furniture:

  9. Hi there,
    Design within Reach (DWR) has a location in Toronto, so you may not have to have DWR chairs shipped from out of country! I saw the chair you mentioned at Café Neon on Wallace Avenue in Toronto, and I thought they were very nice, and asked the owner about them!