Thursday, September 12, 2013

The shot... where am I going to hang it?

We sent "the shot"* to** to be printed. I wanted a 24x36" and our home printer doesn't print that large.

I popped the picture into a poster frame that we already owned. It can't stay in this frame because it doesn't fit - there is a slim gap along one side where you can see the cardboard from behind.

Anyways, I have no idea where to hang it! I wanted to put it in the basement bathroom, that doesn't work...the main basement? maybe, maybe, not sure, hmmm...the stairwell?...ok, fine, but we don't need to have art in the stairwell...

What do you think?

*My photo from NYC, I took it while hanging over the rail on the rooftop patio at the hotel...I sort of climbed up and hung on with my thighs (go thighs!). Gosh it sounds scary, but I knew it was the shot before I even took it!
**Not happy AT ALL with the image quality from posterjack...I have to call them to see what happened and what we can do. Most likely, we will reprint it at home, max size 17x22. The printing on our EPSON Pro is so much crisper, sharper, brighter. Then I will get it custom framed. There is a new frame place I want to try out!


  1. Top of the basement stairs gets my vote.

  2. OK, I cropped the first pic in lightroom and reposted it...

    amateur :)

  3. It looks nice on the stairwell wall and basement play area.

  4. My original thought was the stairwell, but In the end, I vote basement because I like all the repetition from the other black stuff in there. Ie TV and the other art photo and the style of the 3 art photos work well together. The size of the frame is a good size for the stairwell but anything could go there and it would look good.

  5. Actually, all I could think when reading this post was how are you hanging it in all those places? Do you use nails? 3M strips? Do you just happen to have nails in all the right spots? Hmmmm..... PS Awesoem shot, I vote for top of stairs.

  6. I think I will get it framed with a 1-1.5 inch matte or border or space, and a white frame...either that, or do a much smaller version and make a grouping of four identical frames at the top of the stairs....I just need three more photos!!!

    Actually, I was rocking in the nursery rocker, and thought it would be perfect in that room, in a white frame of course!

  7. DUDE, I banged some nails in...not always my favorite thing to do...but i was SO CERTAIN of the bathroom, then BLAH, then I hung it on a nail that already held art in the main basement...then I banged another hole in the wall in the staircase! I am a menace!

  8. sounds like my style - holes everywhere!