Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Used booksales

I bought seven used books at the thrifts this morning...I can't wait to read them! My stated goal is to read 80 books in 2013, but I secretly want to read 100. I am not sure I will be able to hit that target! So far, I've read 68.

PS...the schedule of the upcoming University of Toronto (used?) booksales, see you there!
September 19 - 23    Victoria College
October 18 - 22    University College
October 24 - 28    Trinity College
October 29 - November 2    St. Michael's College


  1. I couldnt get through Shogun, but Ive read the Birth House and My Sister's Keeper. FYI- My Sisters Keeper is very different from the movie. I was very shocked to find that out. I wont tell u in what ways...just beware

  2. The Birth House was quite good. Quite the diverse pile, how are you picking books? Recommendations, reviews, the look of the cover...


    1- a friend mentioned Shogun about a week ago...

    2- I browse the tables at Indigo once and a while and read the covers of books...these books later jump out at me while in the store...

    3- I check goodreads ranking

    4- I have a list of classics I am working through, I review this list way more often then I care to admit! As if just by looking at the list, I will conquer it...

    5- I am reading a Mary Stewart book now...I pick up other books by author's I've read and enjoyed..

    6- I keep up with the books that Lainey from laineygossip is reading

    7 - I try books that have been made into movies, or will be made into movies soon, if they have a decent goodreads rating (I never watched my sister's keeper, but it gets 4.01 stars on goodreads!)

  4. I will have to save Shogun for 2014 ...since it is a biggie!

  5. Staci @ My Friend StaciSeptember 18, 2013 at 1:47 AM

    Omg I love the mysterious benedict society! I know it's a kids (slash) YA book but I loved it nonetheless!!

  6. I've read a few kiddie books this year (roald dahl, the little prince, peter pan) , and put them on the list! I read them out loud to my son...they count!

    I never read them growing up! I have to catch up on my YA reading so I can pass along recommendations!

  7. I never miss the Trinity sale - it's amazing. If you are looking for the BEST book to read out loud to your son, try The Tale Of Desperaux. Probably best at around age 8ish. It's lovely - I read it to my girls' grade 3 classes and they were captivated.