Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New plates from Salvation Army

During the last week or so, I've been going through my cupboards to keep things under control (I have too much stuff), and trying to decide what I should keep. Then I read Lindsay's post about blue and white ceramic. I was considering giving away my stray Mikasa Flora bread and butter plates (2) and happy yellow bowls (2)....then I thought...why not start a collection of yellow dishes? Why not commit to it? 

Then today, there they were, five Mikasa Flora dinner plates! No chips...great condition...$1.99 each

I want to be more selective at thrift stores, since I have too many unnecessary things in the house. I feel comfortable sticking to such a narrow range of items. I just need to stay focused!

ps. Also looking for pyrex dinnerware and restaurant ware in hunter green, amber glass plates, and yellow pyrex mugs.


  1. Love a collection of yellow! Wait until you see my post tomorrow on my love affair on yellow. :)

  2. So funny - I carried those exact dishes around the Salvation Army and put them back! You must have visited just after me. St.Clair? I already have 12 awesome mikasa plates and there just wasn't room for any more. Glad to see they found a good home!

  3. So glad you didn't buy them!!!
    So so glad!

    I do that all the time though...walk around with stuff and put it back last minute...