Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Tamamoro

New to me: Tamamoro fruit
Product of Colombia

This is a beautiful but strange tasting fruit. Sour, bitter and savoury...with a zingy aftertaste (that lasts forever). I won't buy these again...

Persimmons, on the other hand, I am crazy about! They have started to show up in the grocery stores. I have 14 of them ripening on my kitchen window sill. Yum!


  1. I tried these in Jamaica, but I had no idea what they were! I didnt like them either...

  2. They look so pretty! It's such a shame they weren't very tasty.

  3. I thought maybe it was an acquired taste! I tried them again a few days later, this time ready for it...nope...nast

  4. Love the colours! Nature is, like, so great! ;)

  5. It is true. They are awful. Please tell me how anyone enjoys these. Worst thing I have ever put in my mouth, seriously.

  6. The best way to enjoy this delicious and exotic fruit is in juice form or candied. To make juice you must boiled it first in water and sugar with its peel. Then, once it has cooled off, add more water and blend. Voila!!
    If you want to make it candied, you will need to boiled it in sugar and some water until it thinkens. You can add a stick of cinnammon to the mix for extra flavour. Enjoy!!