Monday, October 28

Hello Tamamoro

New to me: Tamamoro fruit
Product of Colombia

This is a beautiful but strange tasting fruit. Sour, bitter and savoury...with a zingy aftertaste (that lasts forever). I won't buy these again...

Persimmons, on the other hand, I am crazy about! They have started to show up in the grocery stores. I have 14 of them ripening on my kitchen window sill. Yum!


  1. I tried these in Jamaica, but I had no idea what they were! I didnt like them either...

  2. They look so pretty! It's such a shame they weren't very tasty.

  3. I thought maybe it was an acquired taste! I tried them again a few days later, this time ready for it...nope...nast

  4. Love the colours! Nature is, like, so great! ;)

  5. It is true. They are awful. Please tell me how anyone enjoys these. Worst thing I have ever put in my mouth, seriously.