Thursday, November 7, 2013

Toy room

A few weeks ago, we moved the boys' beds into the same bedroom. We turned the small room, formerly the nursery, into a toy room!

I can't say that the boys (ages 2 & 4 1/2) are sleeping better at night (they both wake 2-3 times a night, but somehow, they aren't waking each other up!). What I can say is, the move helped simplify the bedtime routine. They are finally learning to fall asleep by themselves without any parental contact (no rocking to sleep, no snuggling to sleep). We stay in the room until they are quiet and settled and tip toe out. Some nights, we are out the door before their eyes are closed, without any protest. Getting there.

There are no toys in the bedroom. All toys can be found in the toy room, or the basement. I love this. It makes it twice as easy to clean up the mess when it is contained.  Or, like today, just leave they can pick up exactly where they left off - and add to it!

I want to point out another new piece of new art's one of the four we bought from Kijiji (along with the oil paintings). This one is a collage. I put it on top of the IKEA expedit shelves.  You see it there, on the right? The seller had listed it for $35, but ended up throwing it in free to sweeten the deal. Let me take a close up...


Great, no?

If you have any advice about siblings sharing a room, please share! 

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