Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Oil Paintings

Yesterday, we bought four pieces of art from a collector who we found via Kijiji. I hung two of the oil paintings in the dining room.

I love them!

I love the energy they add to the room! 

We went to the collector's home to view all of the items for sale. This couple is always buying art, and they occasionally sell off a few things to fund their addiction. Their house was brimming with beautiful paintings and other collectables. We were given the full tour as the collector shared his stories. I have to admit I was influenced! He said two things that I will carry with me now, always:

The first was, 'we buy art for the art, we aren't concerned with the frame'. They don't even consider if the frame matches the decor, they only look at the art. He scoffed at people who frame a $25 piece of paper in a $400 frame and worry over the frame decision for hours.

The second was: 'don't look at the name, look at the art. Buy for the artist's skill and if you like the work.' It's easy to get caught up in whether the work will be valuable, and what the artist's credentials are.

He provided word documents that summarize what he knows of each of the four works, ie. where he bought them, the artists biographies, and his own description of the piece.

A very happy kijiji experience!


  1. Jo @ In Corners of My MindOctober 21, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    I love them and I love that this collector shared his thoughts on collecting with you. I own an art gallery and I say ' people buy art for all kinds of match decor, for the name, the size or shape...there is no wrong way to buy art, BUT if you are buying original art you MUST love it above all else.' also I sell most pieces unframed and I encourage my artists not to frame because as crazy as it is, that frame can make or break a sale...not many people can look past it if they don't like it. Great choices, but even better experience :)