Friday, October 25, 2013

this book, wow

Someone Somewhere by Dana Mills

I used to work with Dana, he was one of our editors. My last few days on the job, more pregnant than anyone has ever been before, were spent spent sitting side by side in a windowless office, staring at the computer screen, more specifically, at highlighted sections of text, making suggestions and revisions and getting sentences into shape for publishing. Of all the editors, I loved working with Dana because he always got it right!

Now, you know what I am going to say here: In his book of short stories, Dana gets it right!!

His characters are rough, with a sweetness...
There are sentences in the book that jump off the page and slap me across the face...
There are moments that tug on my heart...
Vulnerability...many of his scenes feel fleeting, fragile, vulnerable...

I am not an english major, I could never write up a review that did these stories justice. I like to read, and this is exactly what I want to be reading. I compare him to Miriam Toews (one of my favorite authors) and, don't scoff, but even Salinger (Salinger's nine stories is one of my favorite books of all time, I might read it again, next! I am currently reading Allegiant and it blows chunks).

Someone Somewhere is a wonderful collection of stories. I wish I could place a copy of this book into your hands. Of course, I also want to see Dana's career explode, Oprah book club styles! If you take a chance and buy a copy, on impulse, please let me know what you think! Send me an email, because I want to thank you and chat about it with you!!!

someone somewhere is being printed by a small publishing house in Canada, Gaspereau Press. It costs about $36, including shipping.

Update: Nov 7
HEY! IT'S ON AMAZON (US site)! Here is the link
Last time I checked it was $18 and is now sold out...but maybe you will get lucky!

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