Friday, October 18, 2013

Give me money!

Items for the home

I turned down $100*.

I had the opportunity to earn some cash by curating a list of 20 items for the home. These items needed to be available online from retailers. It took me a while, but I came up with twenty things, just barely. Except my list wasn't what they were looking for...and they hoped I could provide a list once a month, or every other month. Like a job.

Guys, I know it sounds like easy money, but I rarely shop retail. Not to mention, I am all about getting rid of stuff, so how can I endorse buying more stuff?  Just wasn't a good fit.

I like vintage, second-hand deals and making what I already own work for me. 

Anyways, this is the list of twenty 18 items I stitched loosely together under the heading "Reluctant Retail Shopper"...things I own (or want to buy). I think they really pull the house together! 

Home Depot Mirror, $59.99 // Cheap, we have it in basement bathroom, I could see it over a living room fireplace. I like a bit of black in every room!
H&M Blanket, $30, on sale now // I love afghans. I want a cream one for the living room. Maybe I should buy this now that it's on sale! Shoot, wait, H&M home is still not available in Canada

IKEA Ribba Frame, $19.99 // Square frames seem custom

Crate and Barrel Tray, $51.77 // I have couple vintage metal trays I use to carry food and drinks out to the deck, or bowls of soup into the dining room. 

Crate and Barrel Utensil Holder, $19.95 // Sits on my counter. Chubby and plain. Holds a lot!

West Elm Oversize Hammered metal bowl, $52, on sale now // Love this guy on my round dining room table

Target Floral Table Cloth, $16.99 // I would have ordered this tablecloth for Thanksgiving if Target shipped to Canada

Boske Ceramic Sky Planter Small, $43 // Love them! 

Pear Jam Jar, Indigo, $29.50 // I have two vintage pear jars, one from Vanves flea in Paris. If this goes on sale I will pick it up!

Moooi Random Light, // First thing you see when you walk in, more or less
DWR White Salt dining chair, $92.65 // Love these chairs. I found vintage versions, but I am half tempted to buy a set of these and forget painting the vintage ones!  Unless, of course, I can find one more vintage chair...

Aalto Stools, $275 each // These were a birthday gift. We bought them on promotion, pretty sure.

Pottery Barn Kids Fire Truck Flannel Sheeting, $76 Cdn, on sale now // I ordered two sets of these. Almost time to get the boys set up in the same room!

Dash & Albert Tattersall Navy/Beige Cotton Rug, 6x9, $223 // This rug has been good to us, I would buy another Dash & Albert in a second!

Overstock Diamante Matelasse bedding, King, $160.95 // I have a king quilt on my queen bed, much fuller coverage
Charles Pachter Print, $1650 // I want!!

Zara Home Bone Bowl, $25.90  // I have six bone bowls from a flea market in Malibu, I haven't figured out how to use them, but I love the texture

Staples KIS File Box, $7.49 on sale now // I have 8 of these boxes in the upstairs office closet holding files and photos.


  1. Your post title definitely caught my attention! Good for you for not going forward when it didn't feel right.


  3. Jennifer you are a rockstar!
    I replied to the add to see, if by chance, the seller could get the chair to Toronto (FAT CHANCE, RIGHT?) I haven't heard back...I mean, it's possible they might be coming into Toronto at some point, no? Also possible a neighbour scooped the chair since it's so cute and cheap...sigh I haven't heard back!

  4. I hate that the only way to make money off the internet seems to be flogging you have to be shilling crap to make your bucks...i mean, if it's the right fit, for sure, all the power to you! people gotta shop! But we are looking at art now...we are over the main decorating hump!

  5. Shame you haven't heard back! My family lives in KW...we are visiting on Sunday. I could pick it up for you?!

  6. OMG Jennifer that would be awesome!!!

    Could you email me? The seller is holding the chair for me!! I can give you her info?

    Are you sure it's not too much trouble????
    YOU ROCK!!!