Monday, January 20, 2014

Cleaning up

Here are the contents of my cooking/baking cupboards: before, during and after a deep clean.

Chinese New Year is around the corner - and cleaning up is the thing to do! I started today! I have big plans to wipe down the insides of every cupboard and drawer in the entire house. Big plans! So big that I need to blog about them, to make sure everyone knows how amazing I am. (Kidding*, to procrastinate, I could have finished already if I had stuck with it!)

Anyways, I love snooping inside other people's's fun! Fun because I am crazy judgy. I can't believe the stuff you guys have lurking in there! (Kidding*)

ps. Can I say that I love that my sister-in-law knows where things are when she comes over? It's amazing because: a) this means she cooks here sometimes; b) it makes me feel organized!

*Not kidding

UPDATE: Finished the I just need to unload and wipe down the sideboard (horror), the foyer console (shudder), the hall closet (yikes!) and the bookshelves, to be thorough! (Then on to the bedrooms...)



  1. Looking good. I haven't done any of the CNY cleaning...shame on me! I took a picture of what's inside my cupboard for your curiosity. :) This is only a fraction of my cooking/baking supplies as they spread all over my kitchen. My challenge has always been to forget about the stuff behind the front row - out of sight out of mind I guess. Happy CNY to you and your family!

  2. So awesome Michelle!
    grilling spice next to sugar next to vinegar! Oh that reminds me - we are out of white vinegar!!!!!

  3. I was looking at your last pic and thought - is she drinking scotch??? Then I realized it was tea and it reminded me I have tea steeping. :P

  4. That kills me! I just got back into drinking chamomile tea. I am trying to stay super hydrated

  5. Happy to see you blogging are my mat leave go-to read once the kids are organized in the morning and I have been missing your posts!

  6. I did this too over the holidays and it felt so good to purge and organize. I feel much less frantic and happier when cooking!