Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shuffling Art

We bought four more pictures for the house.  The first, an abstract watercolour, is from "...Of Things Past" (consignment store, I stalked this painting for 6 months before I bought it), the small square cream and white print and the blue figure print are from the Open Studio Artist Proof sale held in early December. The prints are in temporary frames. The final piece is a pen and ink drawing that I picked up for $35 at "...Of Things Past" during a sale. It is hanging in the hallway outside of the master. 

A few pictures were bumped to make space for these four. Two landed under the basement stairs and the enlarged people photo from Salvation Army went into the basement bathroom (it's amazing there! I needed something landscape oriented - who knew?)

We are at max capacity! I don't even know how we* pulled this off!

Say it with me: "Small art, small art, small art!"

ps. I have two more pictures to get framed
pps. this is where we are using the two remaining panton-like chairs!

*Janice you are a saint!


  1. love, love when you post about all your beautiful art. love all the new pieces. and i love the way you framed the geometric print in that pretty gold frame.

  2. Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. So jealous of your art collection - beautiful!

  4. Looks fantastic! Have you checked out MaxSold for art?? If not, I apologize in advance for contributing to your addiction ;)