Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting there!

The upstairs is clean!

Four closets, four dressers, four end tables, two medicine cabinets, a tall boy and bookshelves. Cleaned and organized.

If I can't keep the house organized, then stuff has to go. I have five boxes of stuff to go to goodwill. The jogging stroller, ergo baby carrier, and a bunch of (boring colour) pyrex has been ear marked for Craigslist. The crib has been taken apart and is going to family.  
Why am I doing all this cleaning?

It's good luck to clean before Chinese New Year (coming up next weekend)...I think the idea is to remove the old (whatever is stagnating in corners) to make room for the new (right?)...So I do my spring cleaning a bit early to get a clean house AND good fortune! Nothing wrong with that!

Besides, I like cleaning. It feels good to handle everything and make sure it belongs where it is. When I find odds and ends that are out of place, I stuff them into my cardigan pocket and later put them where they belong.

ps. we have light fixtures in both closets...the one in the office closet was supposed to be used in the nursery, now toy room, but the electrical box was too shallow to install it. The brass and frosted glass beauty was picked up for $125, listed for $2000 on first dibs. How could I resist?

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