Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Bye Rainbow Books

The paperback books used to be stacked and colour coded. It looked pretty, but I couldn't find a darn thing!

This is better.

One row of sci-fi fantasy adventure favorites (Asimov, Anthony, Brooks, Clarke, Card, Fiest, Lawhead, Leguin...Goodkind and Starwars stuffed in on the second row), two rows of fiction with a few non fiction, graphic novels on the bottom shelf.

ps. The top shelf is bowing. I may have to do something different with the travel books that are up there.


  1. ooh i had no idea cleaning before the chinese new year...I'll take it. I too cleaned out every drawer, closet & armoir in my bedroom this weekend. felt good!

  2. Jordana @WhiteCabanaJanuary 27, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Phew! Must feel SO good to have everything sorted. I'm envious. I need to adopt this tradition too.

  3. it's amazing!!
    although I need to do on top of the tallboy and the milk did omit those spots?
    and I couldn't locate my cardigan this morning...for all the good a clean house did me! (it was on the chair in the office!)

  4. I went through the phase of organizing books and movies by spine colours and that drove my husband and eventually myself nuts. It was a lot of inconvience for the look. I am using a professional for my basement office/game room built-in (yep that same area). I am having base cabinets, desk and a banquette installed along the wall, and maybe upper open shelves for books and display. Just an idea.

  5. Oh wow, these photos make me want to take a big deep breath. I love order. And now that I know that about cleaning before Chinese New Year, there will be no stopping me. :)

    PS If you ever feel like finding a good, loving home for the brass and glass or the fixture in the first photo, I'm your girl...

  6. April @ Money Pit LoveJanuary 29, 2014 at 9:25 AM

    I recently did the same thing! Though I organized mine straight alphabetically, versus by genre. It looks great! (yours, I mean :)