Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polyvore war!

janice two


Hey guys!
Sorry to dump all that polyvore stuff on you. Polyvore was auto publishing everything I uploaded! Thanks Helen, for letting me know I was spamming my own blog! I think I've fixed it now, and I deleted those posts from the blog.  

What am I working on? Oh, just pushing a bunch of ideas on Janice, who is sprucing up her master bedroom. I teased that I was going to blog this stuff before she did, and, well, I guess polyvore decided to do it for me!

What do you think of the sets?

I am pushing hard for blue velvet drapes - on sale at West Elm right now.

ps. she has the light already, so I suggested a few more hits of black around the room!  
pps. amateur hour

UPDATE: We ditched all the colour...creams, beige, brass, whites, blacks, texture

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