Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Making pretty veggie stock
I am on the verge of becoming a bored housewife*. (Promise this is not the reason for renovating, although I am looking forward to the activity.) I have the usual hobbies: cooking, reading, buying stuff, diet & exercise, blogging, cleaning...

Most of my day is given over to care-taking the kids, this isn't about finding more stuff to do, but finding more stuff worth doing.

Enter: the dinner party. I cook up a storm every night, but we rarely invite other people in to share. I am pretty sure people are what's missing. Time to break out of my shell.

*or it is just the sub-zero Celsius weather...all in favor of spring, please raise your hand!!!

UPDATE: four dinner dates planned in March, then we get into Renos... the entire ceiling of my kitchen will be removed at some point. Not looking forward to that! Be careful what I wish for! 

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