Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Today I tried my hand at homemade pasta noodles!

The recipe was Pizzoccheri from Peter Berley's Modern Vegetarian Cookbook*. The noodles are 50% buckwheat flour, 50% white flour and eggs.

Kneading the dough was the longest 15 minutes of my life (yes, complaining! I must have looked at the clock ever 15 seconds to see if I was done yet). It worked out though, the noodles were delicious! Earthy. I'd say a tad sandy.

*I don't feel right about typing out a recipe from a book - that has got to be a copyright violation. Or maybe it's considered promotion and publishers don't care? Google "pizzoccheri" and you will find oodles of recipes and inspiration to draw upon!
**I would settle for average..hmmmm, maybe 'above average'

ps. The sauce was not my favorite. You start by sauteing a sliced red onion in oil. Then it says to add the red wine and water and vegetables. If I could do it over, I would pour the red wine into the sauteed onions and let it reduce a bit, then make up the difference with extra water. I don't like the flavour of unreduced red wine. I am not even sure that unreduced wine sauce is a thing. It always seems like a mistake. Perhaps he meant to say "stir the wine around a bit over medium heat and then add the vegetables" Also, it calls for butter or oil. I used oil. Let me say, if it was made with butter, the sauce would carry you off to heaven! 
pps. 8footsix won't morph into a food blog because it is way too much work to photograph things when I am hungry. Plus I don't have the camera & lighting skills to take great photos of food...
ppps. I am a foodie newbie...I know nothing Jon Snow. How long does it take before you become a 'good' cook**? 10,000hrs? 10,000 RECIPES??? Friends, I have some work to do!  


  1. good post. it's important to always self evaluate, that way you know where you are going before you just end up there. I like the food posts, they inspire me.

  2. I got caught in that windy snow flurry this morning (is windy implied when I say flurry?) and I am going to crack up - ENOUGH ALREADY!

  3. Thanks! I think I spend too much time reflecting and trying to improve myself. I am border line (no full on) narcissistic over if I turn my attention outwards, it's better for everyone!