Thursday, February 27, 2014



I hung two photographs taken by my husband in the stairwell to the basement.

The top photo was taken in Tokyo in 2005, the bottom one in Avignon in 2008. Previously, the Tokyo shot was printed much larger and hung in the upstairs hallway. I had earmarked the Avignon photo for the basement bathroom. I think they work well together and I happy with the size (8x8"). 

ps. Below are the SOOC images (Straight out of the Camera). A portrait or landscape photo doesn't automatically translate well as a square. We are lucky that these two images both work well after a 1:1 crop. In fact I prefer them with the tighter crop.
pps.I used the punchy setting in Lightroom to punch up the contrast (I think that's what it did).
ppps. If I have the choice between white and black frames, I will always pick white. On white walls, white frames can't be beat. You want the image to come forward, you don't want to see dark square boxes when you look. You do your thing, I will stick to white frames (or warm silver, of course)...
pppps. The frames are from Blacks. $24.97 each.
ppppps. Pictures hung in stairwells are tricky. It's nice to adorn a stairwell, but who stops long enough to look at them?

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