Saturday, March 1, 2014

For one month...

It's March 1st, a good day to make some changes and kick start new habits. I took a look at what I eat, and I want to alter on a few things this month:

1) Sip water throughout the day. I guzzle at least 12 cups of water every day. I want to drink the same amount (maybe less), but sip instead of chug. A small change, to give my body a better chance to hydrate.

2) No toast (No bread). I never thought about it before, but yesterday, while talking with the folks at pure+simple, I learned that toast is very drying. Apparently, your digestive system needs to divert liquid from other parts of the body to the digestive track to process dry foods. I have incredibly sensitive, dry, dehydrated skin and which is telling me something (it's telling me winter sucks). I will take toast out of my diet for a while, and see if it helps. Let's go another step and cut bread for the month. It's my junk. Once I get started, I have a hard time stopping. 4 slices, 6 slices, just one more slice. Not to mention how easy it is to eat bread or toast instead of reheating leftovers (real food) for lunch. I doubt I could kick bread long term, but I think I can stick to it for 31 days!

3) No sugar - we got this! We are good here. I go weeks without sugar anyways. It's no longer something I have to think about. I do treat myself from time to time. I will cut all cheats for 31 days.

4) Eggs -  Eggs are my favorite food in the world. Why would you give up your favorite food in the world, you ask? To shake things up a bit, and see what happens. I am sure if I cruised the web there are very good reasons for or against eggs. I am doing it to break lazy food habits (How easy is fried toast and eggs every single day!?)

It comes down to something simple: more veggies.

ps. Why? I want to feel good about my body when we go on a sun destination. So I will do the work! It makes sense to me that if I eat the healthiest food possible, then I will be at my best. I don't think I can accept my shape or my aging skin (without regrets) if I know I am not treating my body well. I will end up blaming myself for every unavoidable, natural sign of aging.  


  1. Get a cup with a straw- itll force u to sip instead of chugging! I keep a huge one on my desk all day.

  2. I switched to a straw! It helps...but now how in the world will I be able to meet my quota! :)

  3. Good for you! These are great changes! I joined a gym last week! I'm a bit nervous but my excitement outweighs my nervousness so that's a good thing (I joined the "madonna gym". I kind of can't believe I did it but it's super close to work! Good changes coming for March!

  4. I am doing a six week challenge-no flour, sugar, rice, potatoes-I week in and I'm doing just fine-good luck to you as well!!!

  5. Whoo hoo!
    I quit gyms and I miss them...I remember my gym rat phase and someone my age now telling me it wasn't going to last, and I thought, yah-right...well, it didn't last!

    I think about joining a gym nearby - perhaps when both boys are in school I can swing it!

  6. Oh WOW --- Awesome Kate!
    I had to learn how to eat other things before I was able to fully give up diary, wheat and eggs...If the cold weather is going to stick around, soups are my answer. I even ate leftover soup for breakfast!

  7. i like the idea of making small changes, like these. I've been told that the way to drink water for the best absorption is to mix half boiling and half room temperature. It assimilates better in the body for some reason.