Friday, April 25, 2014

An Unwritten Novel

Virgina Woolf:
"Five faces opposite - five mature faces - and the knowledge in each face. Strange though, how people want to conceal it! Marks of reticence are on all those faces: lips shut, eyes shades, each one of the five doing something to hide or stultify his knowledge. One smokes; another reads; a third checks entries in a pocket book; a fourth stares at the map of the line framed opposite; and the fifth - the terrible thing about the fifth is that she does nothing at all. She looks at life. Ah, but my poor, unfortunate woman, do play the game - do, for all our sales, conceal it!'

Do you see yourself in this passage?? What if she put "a third checks texts on their iphone;" 

Source: Virginia Woolf Selected Short Stories, Penguin Classics, 1993

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