Friday, April 25, 2014

Goodwill and Estate Sale

You, my friends, have been waiting a long, long time for this moment - when I started thrifting again (or maybe not? I won't judge you!) It's garbage sale season and I have a reason to shop! What more could a blogger ask for? (ugh, did I just call myself a blogger, ick!)

I hit up Goodwill this morning and carried home a brass coffee table base for Janice. It is the same coffee table she missed out on from Craigslist, so I knew she would flip (she flipped!)...The glass top is still at the store, but it will get picked up tomorrow. Only $30!!!

Then I went to an estate sale and bought a leather ottoman, a wicker garbage basket, wooden condiment set (or something? that white stuff is from the price tag, the set didn't look used), tiny rug, and brass (copper?) dish (for plants or something).

Tomorrow we are hitting two rummage sales in the morning...we have sitters arranged so we can submerge ourselves, up to our eyeballs, in used goods.

Ahhh let the good times roll! Let the gooood tiiiimes rooooll.

ps. you know, I should TOTALLY do this as a job someday...because I never ever ever want to stop thrifting! Is there a thrift store consultant job? Personal vintage shopper? Is there something you need? I'm on a roll!!
pps. follow me on instagram to see items I love but don't need, well, that is, when my phone is charged! There was a brass console today that I wanted to show you, but the phone died! My IG ID: shannon8foot6  
ppps. I wont post photos from instagram on the blog, so I don't want you to miss out, but it's not about boosting my numbers or likes or anything - just so we get that straight...


  1. SCOOOOOOOORRRRRE! I need to make more time for thrifting.

  2. So good. I want the coffee table. No the pouf. No the rug. Just send it my way pleeeeez

  3. k i am requesting an instagram follow. i love virtual thrifting!

  4. you find the best things! and, you should definitely make it your job!