Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rummage sale finds

We blitzed two rummage sales yesterday. Our haul includes two light fixtures, a brass planter, yarn art (is that what you call this?), ripped folding seat (DIY to come in a year or for it!*), some kitchen stuff, and my husband picked up a beautiful tattered old art book.

The outdoor lantern is intended for our front portico, once it's been restored. To be honest, I was thinking of Janice when I swiped the brass planter, but my husband doesnt want to share (ha - sorry!). The yarn thing is a bit scary ("do you wear it?" asked my brother in law), I can't pull off that much boho anywhere in this house, but you never know when you might need some crazy yarn explosion (No regrets - it was $4 to charity)...the stool needs a makeover. I once bought two of these folding stools (originally from ikea) at the same church rummage sale and gave them to a friend. She had a party deck. The tins will go into our utility room to hold junk. The book can hang out on the coffee table and eventually join the stacks of other books.

Oh and can you send me pins of any vignettes (ugh) with white saucer lamps? If you run across them? Thanks!

ps. I need to clean the grout lines (with a toothbrush?) and wash the floor...that's embarrassing!

*you sense my sarcasm, but in case you aren't sure...


  1. great finds! I still have to emal you potential finds. My foyer needs a larger leaner gold mirrors, console tables, asian/indian inspired stuff always strikes my fancy!